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Transforming Real Estate into a Cash-Flowing Asset – Robert Helms, @Rehab2Riches , Liz Brody

This week, real estate expert Robert Helms guest hosts for Robert Kiyosaki and reveals the transformative power of real estate investing. Joined by guests Terry Kerr and Liz Brody from Memphis, Tennessee, they dive into their journey of flipping houses and renting them out, creating significant cash flow and long-term financial stability. Learn about the […]

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Investing Beyond Wall Street: Exploring Mineral Rights and Real Estate – Mike Mauceli, Mat Sorensen

The Energy Show with REI Energy, hosted by Mike Mauceli, dives into the underutilized world of self-directed IRAs, presenting a staggering $16 trillion opportunity for investors. Guest Mat Sorensen, a wealth lawyer and CEO of Directed IRA & Directed Trust Company, sheds light on how self-directed IRAs can diversify investment portfolios beyond traditional stocks and […]

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SUBSCRIBE TO 10X STUDIOS: 0:00 – The Announcement 0:15 – What is changing 1:20 – Upcoming Shows 2:13 – How this BENEFITS YOU 2:29 – Subscribe to 10X Studios 10X Studios produces documentaries and reality TV to provide entertainment and education to aspiring entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small business owners. 10X Studios brings you real stories […]

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