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Curious about the future of the real estate market? Tune in to my latest podcast with expert Jason Hartman. We discuss stubbornly high interest rates, the housing shortage, and the crucial numbers you need to know.


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Cameron Long

  • @okaydamian says:

    I’m 53 and have about $225k liquid in savings which I plan to put towards becoming a homeowner, but based on the current high prices on real estate, do you suggest I hold from buying and look at dividend paying stocks instead?

    • @arlenehill4ril says:

      after studying the trajectory of great assets like real estate dividend paying stocks and gold, my conclusion is to buy and invest in what you can afford today! working with a financial advisor can certainly help

    • @fromthebirchwood says:

      Agreed, I’m in line with having a license professional oversee my day-to-day investing cos, my job doesn’t permit me the time to analyze stocks myself. Thankfully, my portfolio is well diversified and has just 5X in 5 years, summing up roughly $1m as of today.

    • @MAanderson153 says:

      @@fromthebirchwood real estate prices exploded, interest rates exploded, but my wage the same, i’m screwed !! who is the advisor guiding you please, if you dont mind me asking? I could really use some help

    • @fromthebirchwood says:

      Can’t divulge much, I delegate my excesses to someone of great expertise ”Karen Lynne Chess” preferably you can look her up online, her qualifications speak for itself.

    • @LupeBaptista says:

      curiously inputted Karen Lynne Chess on the web, spotted her consulting page at once, and was able to schedule a call session. Ive seen commentaries about advisors but not one looks this phenomenal

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  • @abelucas3037 says:

    Silver, Gold, Real Estate, Oil Business.

  • @abelucas3037 says:

    Cash is Trash, not King. It’s just fiat currency. Debt.

  • @abelucas3037 says:

    You want GOOD debt, not bad debt. Real Estate is GOOD debt. Their is such thing as GOOD you know. It’s REAL.

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