What’s Happening in the Real Estate Market – Tom Wheelwright & Jason Hartman

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In this episode, learn how stubbornly high interest rates are impacting real estate investors, and what opportunities are emerging in this election year.

Join Tom Wheelwright as he discovers what is happening in the real estate market with his guest and residential real estate expert, Jason Hartman. Jason Hartman has been involved in several thousand real estate transactions and has owned income properties in 11 states and 17 cities. His companies help people achieve The American Dream of financial freedom by purchasing income property in prudent markets nationwide. Jason’s Complete Solution for Real Estate Investors™ is a comprehensive system providing real estate investors with education, research, resources and technology to deal with all areas of their income property investment needs.

Order Tom’s book, “The Win-Win Wealth Strategy: 7 Investments the Government Will Pay You to Make” at: 00:00 – Intro.
03:07 – Current Pricing in Real Estate Market.
05:37 – Payment to Income Ratio on Mortgages.
09:51 – The Lock-In Effect: Who's Controlling the Inventory?
13:49 – The Feds & The Phillips Curve.
17:05 – Fannie Mae & Interest Rates.
21:42 – Buying Power and Sensitivity.
27:50 – Will the Election Impact the Market?

Tom Wheelwright, #CPA is a Best-Selling Author, Entrepreneur & Worldwide Authority on Tax.

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Cameron Long

  • @davidfocardi8516 says:

    I don’t know where you guys are getting your data, but I’m in Colorado springs and homes are sitting on the market with price guts left and right. Every other home has a big price cut and it’s still not selling. Same with Florida… Shortage or no shortage, credit card debts is at all time highs, cost of living is at an all-time high, people are running out of money, and people cannot afford high prices and high interest rates at the same time.

    • @CaptCrunch106 says:

      👆I’ll add some additional info to your observations…

      I am the perfect candidate for a new home purchaser, or also as a real estate investor. My wife and I own a successful property management business in small town America. We purchased a very humble modest house well bellow our means and worked extremely hard to pay it off along with a handful of other residential houses that where picked up on the cheap a few years back. All properties owned are technically to small for my growing family… I have multiple children and should be shopping for a larger house to host my expanding family size but I will NOT touch these houses at these prices!

      My wife and I see the writing on the wall (seriously… er young kids!). We have mended our desire to acquire a larger house and altered our financial plans to sidestep the hubris in house pricing. Although my children may not have the luxury of their own individual rooms… what they will have in return will be stacks of gold, silver, and other precious metals!

      The talking heads always feed this BS real estate investment at the worst market timing. They only see what’s right in front of them and ignore their peripheral vision.

      I have been holding silver and other precious metals for about 18 yrs… back when silver could be had for under $7 an ounce. Out of ALL of my investments over the years in stocks, bonds, tbills, real estate, etc… outside of the wealth of love my wife and children God has granted me, precious metals are my next most valued treasures!

      Having spent almost 20yrs managing real estate investments for myself and other… I can say without question it’s an extremely high maintenance asset class!!! It requires a highly skilled team to purchase real estate, finance real estate, develop real estate, manage real estate, and then to sell and transfer ownership in real estate!

      My precious metals holdings have afforded me greater returns than most all my other asset classes, I didn’t need specialist to invest (No Attorneys, no realtors, no managers etc). I don’t worry about increase in taxes,increase in insurance, and having to go fight down at city hall with bureaucrats or hostile neighbors about issues they have with my property etc.

      Americans are loosing wealth! If you think over priced real estate at todays prices is a good investment… you are not paying attention to economics on an international level!!! China and India are consuming international inventories of precious metals at a ferocious level… once these inventories are depleted and beyond our borders, those precious metals will NEVER return… our next generations will be indebted slaves to these foreigners who will have the gold and silver required to finance the micmansions from the older generations who can’t afford to sell because of their golden handcuffs. So y’all keep those precious micmansions… my children and my generations will continue to live humble and accumulate real wealth and treasure outside of the reach and view of the tyrannical communist in power in the US and abroad!

    • @Zulu345 says:

      I agree.

  • @RealNewsChannel says:

    This guy is just talking his book. Some things he got right but that’s now in the rear view mirror. Going forward it’s going to be a bloodbath in many regions especially where home insurance, repair costs and taxes are skyrocketing…

    Let the buyer beware.

    • @jfausset says:

      As soon as I saw him come on the screen and hear his voice I knew it was gonna be the same tropes he always says. He never stops pumping real estate. Even though he’s not a homeowner right now and conveniently vacationing in Europe, he’s advising everybody else to buy. Smart.

      If you are wondering, why real estate prices are this high, it’s because the Fed pumped it all and guys like this took every opportunity to make debt slaves out of everyone who comes after them and rent slaves to everyone who didn’t get there first.

  • @MoneyEducationWithReality says:

    separate note. I watched a video when you interviewed Jim Rickards it was mentioned that gold would go to 15000 this is the same as a video Jim was saying 3 years ago in videos. This confuses me. I think it also stared Warren Buffet bought Barrick Gold but unless I am wrong this was in 2020. I may be wrong on this point. sorry if I am Sir

  • @johnbethea4505 says:

    I am living in the country of a small town. I don’t see the houses for sale like I did in the 1980’s. This maybe caused by most people my age had lost their parents and they didn’t need another house. What I do see in my area is that most plants have closed over the years, and most are working out of town with better paying jobs or are rich or retired. I do see utilities and food prices going up.

  • @game-changer-brand7252 says:

    Suggestion – Every Generation Must Read This Book On MONEY Named “HAPPY MONEY” By Legend Author Mr. Ken Honda ! ✅👍💵💵💰

  • @user-qj6yz9zx5x says:

    Are you still just holding coins? Guys, what are you doing? Unimantic has been around for almost a year!

  • @LupeBaptista says:

    Housing crisis, health crisis, cost of living crisis, debt crisis, inflation crisis, EU war crisis, middle East crisis. How many crises can a koala bear? I’m approaching retirement with comfortable millions, yet scared of a banking crisis. Where do I best grow my money?

    • @fromthebirchwood says:

      Diversify… T bills, CDs, Gold, Stocks, Municipal bonds, Bitcoin, Real estate, etc assets speak when cash has no value

    • @MAanderson153 says:

      I would advise the counsel of a seasoned financial pro. It may be expensive, but as the old saying goes “You get what you pay for.” “Expert solutions require Expert providers” – my mantra.

    • @arlenehill4ril says:

      That’s right, investing with the help of a financial advisor set me up for life with about $1.6m in stock portfolio. I max out my 401k and have few properties. I worked hard everyday as a teacher for 32 years, and my salary was over 100k annually. But if it wasn’t for 2020 covid lockdown, I wouldn’t have supplemented my income with stocks and alternative investments.

    • @okaydamian says:

      @@arlenehill4ril bravo! I’ve worked in real estate for over 25 years and have neglected a major stock portfolio, however I need a different plan now… mind if I look up the professional guiding you please?

    • @arlenehill4ril says:

      Karen Lynne Chess is my FA. Just google the name and you’d find necessary deets. To be honest, I almost didn’t buy the idea of letting someone handle growing my finance, but so glad I did.

  • @SilasFenton9 says:

    I am so happy that I made productive decisions about my finances that changed my life forever. I am a single mother and I live in London, I bought my second house in September and I hope to retire next year at 40 if all goes well. thanks to Louise O’Brien for helping me achieve this.

  • @Rodriguezpaul-9 says:

    I lost over $70k when everything started to tank. Not because I was in an exchange that went belly up. I was just stupid to hold and because that’s what everyone said. I’m still responsible. It just taught me to be a better investor now that I understand more of what could go wrong. It took me over two years of being in the market, I’m really grateful I found one source to recover my money, at least $10k profits weekly. Thanks Natalie Rose Strayer..

    • @erikyanez5371 says:

      I’m surprised that you just mentioned Natalie Strayer here also Didn’t know she has been good to so many people too this is wonderful, i’m in my fifth trade with her and it has been super.

    • @carolynvo7802 says:

      The very first time we tried, we invested $2000 and after a week, we received $9500. That really helped us a lot to pay up our bills.

    • @Jessecote875 says:

      Natalie Strayer has really set the standard for others to follow, we love her here in Canada 🇨🇦 as she has been really helpful and changed lots of life’s

    • @Scottweeier846 says:

      I’m new at this, please how can I reach her?

    • @Charlottehornets4 says:

      After I raised up to 125k trading with her I bought a new House and a car here in the states also paid for my son’s surgery
      Glory to God shalom.

  • @elftreehug says:

    It depends on what job data one looks at

  • @chrisgaines7574 says:

    If you could convert these newly emptied Red Lobster and pizza hut buildings into multi family units you could make a mint.

  • @JenniferLynn-kk7tk says:

    Hallelujah!!! I’m blessed and favored with $60,000 every week! Now I can afford anything and support the work of God and the church. For Your glory, LORD! HALLELUJAH!

    • @ChristopherThomas-tk8xx says:

      Oh really? Tell me more! Always interested in hearing stories of successes.

    • @JenniferLynn-kk7tk says:

      This is what Ana Graciela Blackwelder does, she has changed my life.

    • @JenniferLynn-kk7tk says:

      After raising up to 60k trading with her, I bought a new house and car here in the US and also paid for my son’s (Oscar) surgery. Glory to God.shalom.

    • @MichaelJames346 says:

      I know Ana Graciela Blackwelder, and I have also had success…

    • @MichaelJames346 says:

      Absolutely! I have heard stories of people who started with little or no knowledge but managed to emerge victorious thanks to Ana Graciela Blackwelder.

  • @s88m88h says:

    Anybody who says we needed the cares act has a screw loose.

  • @josuerodriguez-sw7xf says:

    as long the fed is printing money and growing population
    property is gonna go up iven higher

  • >