BILLIONAIRE MINDSET – Best Motivational Speech Compilation

This is how you can become as rich as Elon Musk, Mark Cuban, and Mark Zuckerberg.

In this motivational speech, the world's richest people like Dan Peña, Keith Krach, and Noah Kagan share their advice to become billionaires in 2024. These 40 minutes will change the next 40 YEARS of your life.

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“You either master money, or, on some level, money masters you.”
― Tony Robbins

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Jaspreet Singh

Marcus Taylor
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Walter Bond

Noah Kagan

Tom Bilyeu

Lisa Bilyeu

Keith Krach

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Cameron Long

  • @areyoutaxEFFICIENT says:

    Are you tax efficient?

  • @MrJroc3307 says:

    Much needed video!!! I got a normal job but stay up super late trying to get to the point to ditch my 9-5. I know eventually it’ll pay off!!

  • @armelgowere6939 says:

    People ask me why I don’t take some days off , respond by saying that I’ve an empire to build, the path to get there is mountainous, self sacrifice and tough decisions are needed..the fire that is burning within is not for days off. 🔥

  • @yellowsurge3309 says:

    I work 6 days a week, it’s harder to fall behind financially if you make money almost everyday and make smart moves with it

  • @Motivation_English_Story says:


  • @MullerNitta says:

    Your explanations are clear and straight forward It’s always a honor to have you here as a mentor, I appreciate you for the time being spent to educate us financially. Regardless of how bad it gets the economy, I still makeover $28K every single week. I truly value Laura, and her helpful guides.>>>

    • @SaviourUmo says:

      You just mentioned Expert Laura, Indeed, wow that woman has been an incredible mentor to me, imparting a deep understanding of the economy that I wish college had provided.

    • @ThomasMorgan594 says:

      The first step to successful investment is figuring your goals and risk tolerance either on your own or with the help of a financial professional but it’s very advisable you make use of professional.

    • @LouisMew says:

      I know Laura, she has really set the standard for others to follow, we love him here in the UK as she has been really helpful and changed lots of lives.

    • @LouisBravo67 says:

      You’re right! The very first time I tried, I invested $2000 and after a week, I received $8,400. That really helped us a lot to pay up our bills.

    • @LouisMew says:

      Interesting! But I’m new here. How can I get to this person’s guidelines??

  • @wyatt.owsiany says:

    amazing content man! keep going 🗝️ ⚔️

  • @merarisoler-sanchez1948 says:

    I needed to listen to this! Thank you!

  • @ManifestMyLife101 says:

    Mindset is everything! The power of the mind is amazing never forget that!

  • @ogaimon3380 says:

    honestly this is just db and incorrect,it may apply to millionaire,but for billion it does start with your parent and background first

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