33% of Americans have a 2 JOBS #shorts

insulin resistance, diabetes, blood sugar, weight loss

#motivation #success #money
33% of Americans have a SECOND JOB –

Post in comments if you hold more than one job.


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Cameron Long

  • @travelingsitshow8188 says:

    People choose to listen to the lies or the media that isn’t reporting any truth.

  • @JTient says:

    They called it the silent depression in the past still fits. Maybe we will call it the open secret depression

  • @SARise-zv5tl says:

    You’re going to have to respond to penguinz0/moist critikal calling you a scammer. With his multi million following it’s something that can’t be ignored

  • @jasonstauffacher says:


  • @GRUBB-MUDD says:

    U need my help w shorts unc g. Im the shorts king

  • @MrKgBizzle says:

    When the sharks are telling you there’s too much blood in the water you better pay attention! FJB

  • @WayneCribb says:

    Thank you Democrats !

  • @toddtudor2636 says:

    I’m grinding Grant I’m getting out every day and getting my slice of the pie.

    I’m working 20 hours a day I get maybe three and a half for our sleep a day.
    I’m creating my own economy I just get out and get it done don’t worry about what the media is saying just get it done just make that money.
    Ever since I was young I want to be a baller shot caller I didn’t have 20 inch blades on an Impala but I still want to get it done

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