Remember 2008? History might just repeat itself! #HousingMarket #FinancialCrisis #BidenPolicies

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Cameron Long

  • @CatrinaFahad says:

    Thank you for sharing xAIGKπŸ’— I really appreciate it

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    I am sure that xAIGK will go 100x just like you said

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    Bought xAIGK at 1$, I will keep it until 2025 when it reach 250$

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    Thanks for sharing NVIDIA and xAIGK. πŸ’―

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    Why everyone is talking about xAIGK?

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    It is funny that not everyone knows about xAIGK

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  • @USNBLUE says:

    DEI mortgages

  • @bigduke2452 says:

    None of this is true. Just nonsense

  • @belindamercer4505 says:

    It’s not Bidens fault

  • @gothiclala says:

    Womp womp crash the fucking market !!!!

  • @zanedickson2725 says:

    I think the longer we go without interest rate cuts the worse it’ll get, you’ll get people piling in to new home ownership after being punished for years paying high rents. In 1.5 year’s look exit 3year’s or 4 year’s then poof..


    Kiyosaki lovers like buton me πŸ‘ˆ

  • @at.dot_underscore says:

    Oh yea the 2008 mortgage melt down. It never happened. It was a hoax.

  • @jerryduffey1118 says:

    Might? Nope. Guaranteed.

  • @KneeGrowh says:

    Take equity out from your mortgage and be in debt so corporations who have ties with the government, like blackrock, can buy your property in less than 2 years.

    You’ll own nothing and be happy.

  • @mgonzalez3400 says:


  • @j.w.matney8390 says:

    I remember 2008 very well. Thankfully I kept my job and we kept our home. What made me angry was that Obama let the bankers get away with it.

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