Find $1 Million Profit In Real Estate Day 1 Preview

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Join me live as I go over the steps to finding $1 million profit deals in real estate.

This is a paid event I am streaming today for FREE (That will be taken down)

Topics covered today:
Where to Find GREAT Deals
Finance with ONLY 5% Down
Buy $100,000 4 Units with Only $5000
Get BELOW Market Financing (Sub 4%)
Buying UNDER Replacement Cost
Get 20% Positive Cash Flow with Only $5000

I want to show you how to take advantage of the real estate correction happening RIGHT NOW.

And for those looking to work together over the next 12 months to do so…
Join my Real Estate Mentoring Program:

Cameron Long

  • @Mark_lee567 says:

    I know nothing about trading /investment and l’m keen on getting started. What are some strategies to get started with?

    • @LisaJackson198 says:

      As a beginner, it’s essential for you to have a mentor to keep you accountable. I’m guided
      by a widely known crypto consultant

    • @LisaJackson198 says:

      Mrs Mary Patricia Hester

    • @Para-pv8fp says:

      This is correct, Mary’s strategy has normalized winning trades for me also, and it’s a huge milestone for me looking back to how it all started..

    • @Isabel_Ross says:

      Isn’t she the same Mrs Mary Patricia Hester neighbors are talking about, she has to be a perfect expect for people to talk about her so well.

    • @HarryEidem says:

      Her platform is wonderful, and her services are exceptional

  • @ciprodriguez says:

    I ain’t got that kind of dough right now but why let my inability to join stop me from going zero to deal?

    Imma start with one strat and that is agent out reach.

    Imma be posting big time marketing and real estate. It’s gonna be slow but I can do it cuz Grant Did

  • @ciprodriguez says:

    Grant you told me to get so busy i wont be depressed anymore and im here still here because of what you said to me years ago

  • @ciprodriguez says:

    5:02:19 self directed 401k!! Sometimes you gotta pay to make more and this mindset of not paying a dime to make a dollar is keeping people broke.


  • @ciprodriguez says:


  • @ciprodriguez says:

    5:06:36 this is GANGSTA

  • @DominionAnako-bb7ry says:

    Love your motivation video

  • @patrickbowen9790 says:

    Henderson NC 3:43

  • @Beartrakks051 says:

    I’m in Woodland Park, Colorado,

  • @Beartrakks051 says:

    When I joined your project in Florida about 2 years ago, I was in High Point, NC

  • @-Silly-Willy-0 says:

    Great show Grant. Lots of value in it

  • @ndidiobadan7229 says:

    Acworth ga

  • @Murphy-lu8jr says:

    The problem we have is because Most people always taught that ” you only need a good job to become rich”. These billionaires are operating on a whole other playbook that many don’t even know exists.

    • @Andrewken-zj2zh says:

      Money lnvest is better than to saved ln Bank when you lnvest your money and get the opportunity to increase your financial worth.

    • @Christopherken-l4b says:

      you are right. It is remarkable how much long term advantage people like us have gotten by trying to be consistently not stupid, instead of trying to be very intelligent.

    • @BenScott-kn7nv says:

      The wisest thing that should be on
      everyone mind currently should be to lnvest ln different streams of lncome that doesn’t depend on government paycheck, especially with the current economic crisis around the world.This is still a time to lnvest ln Stocks, Forex and Digitally currencies

    • @Elvis0755 says:

      Exactly! That’s my major concern and what kind of profitable business or investment can someone do with the current rise in economic downturn

    • @BenScott-kn7nv says:

      She engaged on platform knowing as Telegram’s with the below name….

  • @BLANCASANTANDER-f6r says:

    Where can I get the workbook? anyone can send link?

  • @PatriotAugustina says:

    !I recently sold some of my long-term position and currently sitting on about 250k, do you think Nvidia is a good buy right now or I have I missed out on a crucial buy period, any good stock recommendation on great performing stocks will be appreciated.

    • @AwKostik says:

      You need an expert. I’m guided by Adviser Bruce Murdock a widely known consuitant.

    • @DonaldToliver-se5tz says:

      I managed to grow a nest egg of around 120k to over a Million. I’m especially grateful to Adviser Bruce Murdock, for his expertise and exposure to different areas of the market.

    • @AwKostik says:

      My colleagues had a good laugh at me when I told them I started my journey with $50k capital and how I accumulated over 6 figures within a span of 7 months. They never believed me until I pulled out my P&L.

      I know that learning the ins and outs of the market isn’t for everyone, that’s why personally, Bruce Murdock oversees my investments.

    • @DonaldToliver-se5tz says:

      Without a doubt! Bruce Murdock is a trader who goes above and beyond. he has an exceptional skill for analyzing market movements and spotting profitable opportunities. His strategies are meticulously crafted based on thorough research and years of practical experience.

    • @PatriotAugustina says:

      nice! once you hit a big milestone, the next comes easier. How can i reach him, if you don’t mind me asking?

  • @moesalam6837 says:


  • @zm4710 says:


  • @zm4710 says:

    All positive

  • @stevenshayo6141 says:

    In 2008 I was 5 years old😂😂

  • @gretta541 says:


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