SPI 767: The Honest YouTube Journey with Aprilynne Alter

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#767 The strategies we used to rely on for growth on YouTube aren't working anymore. So, what are up-and-coming creators doing to build an audience? Which tactics get you more views and subscribers right now? I've had a lot of big names in the YouTube space on the show, everyone from Ali Abdaal to MKBHD. But today, I wanted to get a fresh perspective from someone who is just starting to make waves. There's a lot of buzz around my guest, Aprilynne Alter, due to her ability to uncover the secrets behind modern viral videos. In this episode, we really get in the weeds of the video creation process. We discuss everything from the idea and research phase to which metrics you should keep an eye on for maximum growth. Aprilynne puts hundreds of hours into her videos, and her insights on titles, thumbnails, quality versus quantity, and time management will surprise some of you! Show notes and more at ( ) .

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Cameron Long