SPI 765: The Path to Success without Burnout with Cal Newport

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#765 How close are you to burnout right now? If you buy into modern hustle culture, overworking yourself at the expense of your health is inevitable. But is this the best way to produce great work? In this episode, Cal Newport joins me to share an insightful look at the productivity habits of knowledge workers throughout history. This is a fascinating chat about how thinkers and creators managed their time before we adapted an assembly line model to innovation. Listen in and check out Cal's new book, Slow Productivity, for more on this topic! So, what are the three principles of accomplishing more without burnout? Mastering this lost art is a matter of doing fewer things, working at a natural pace, and focusing on quality. Easier said than done. This is why Cal and I dive into each of these steps and uncover the lessons from the past we can apply to our modern work patterns! Show notes and more at ( ) .

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Cameron Long