SPI 745: How to Have Your Most Productive Year with Ali Abdaal

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#745 We have productivity all wrong! Discipline and grit are vital, sure. But here's the thing—no one procrastinates on watching Netflix. It's no secret that we're more likely to do the things that feel good. So, how do we apply this concept to growing a business? How do we make our work feel great? My special guest, Ali Abdaal, is the world's most-followed productivity expert. In episode 503, we heard all about his journey from med school to content creation and passive income mastery. Ali's still growing, having amassed five million YouTube subscribers, and is here to share everything about his book, Feel Good Productivity ( ) . This episode will shift your mindset around dull tasks that drain your willpower. Armed with Ali's tools, you'll have fun at work while performing at the ultimate level. Not only that, Ali and I also discuss his process for creating viral YouTube videos that reach and impact millions! Enjoy! Show notes and more at SmartPassiveIncome.com/session745 ( ) .

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Cameron Long