SPI 733: Modern-Day Personal Branding Magic with Christine Gritmon

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#733 "Who am I to stand out? Who am I to show off to other people?" That's the impostor syndrome in many of us talking. Falling for it and then underselling ourselves feels safe because we don't see the value in our skillset. But how do we discover our potential and build a confident personal brand around it? Christine Gritmon is joining me today to help you do just that. In this episode, she shares her expert knowledge to supercharge your online presence and take your branding game to the next level. We talk about uncovering the unique value you bring to the table, naming your business, choosing the best social platform for growth, building a reputation in your niche, collaboration and community, and more. This session will help you create a genuine brand to define and move you toward your goals. Listen in and enjoy! Show notes and more at SmartPassiveIncome.com/session733 ( ) .

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Cameron Long