SPI 731: How to Make Money with Email Marketing (By Just Being You) with Liz Wilcox

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#731 Bringing relatability and character to your work is the number one way to stand out and succeed online today! But how do you apply the "just be yourself" advice in your business for fantastic results? You're about to witness the full power of sharing valuable knowledge with a heavy dose of personality in today's chat with Liz Wilcox. Not only is she The Fresh Princess of Email Marketing, but her '90s pop culture obsession makes learning from her incredibly entertaining. Liz walks us through the steps of her Staircase framework for transitioning followers to customers. She also shares her twenty-minute newsletter blueprint for writing engaging and effective emails fast. We get into the best lead magnets for attracting new subscribers, the common mistakes to avoid, and, of course, a solid bit of NSYNC nostalgia. Join us for this fun and impactful conversation with Liz! Show notes and more at SmartPassiveIncome.com/session731 ( ) .

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