SPI 705: The Keys to Building a 6-Figure Niche Business in 2023-2024

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#705 Too often, creators focus on profit instead of the value they provide. So what is the first step toward building a successful business? It's making sure your products actually work and proving it! My returning guest, Mark Wills, is a perfect example of applying a serve-first mindset to entrepreneurship. He and his business partner Roman run Loan Signing System, the largest notary coaching business in the US. In episode 303, we heard how they used strategies from my book Will It Fly to build their incredible six-figure business. Mark's enthusiasm is just as infectious in today's high-energy chat. We talk about why community and authenticity are vital in the age of AI, how to run a hands-on business that can scale, the importance of social proof and gathering effective testimonials, the 5+1 email marketing strategy, and more. So how do you achieve massive success without compromising your desire to help others? Tune in to find out! Show notes and more at SmartPassiveIncome.com/session705 ( ) .

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Cameron Long