SPI 701: How to Profit by Building Software (With NO Coding Experience) with Spencer Haws

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#701 Entrepreneurs without programming knowledge tend to dismiss software-based businesses as too complex. Courses and other digital products are often seen as more accessible. But here's the thing—creating digital tools to serve your audience is easier than you think! Spencer Haws, today's returning guest, hasn't been on the show since episode 066. That was over ten years ago! He still runs an incredible blog at NichePursuits.com and has built and sold several thriving software businesses with no coding experience! In this episode, Spencer brings us up to date on his journey. We hear about his niche sites and get an inside look at his latest venture, Link Whisper—a WordPress plugin that makes internal linking faster and more effective. This fascinating chat covers everything from interviewing potential customers for successful product creation to selling a business for massive profit! Tune in and enjoy! Show notes and more at SmartPassiveIncome.com/session701 ( ) .

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