SPI 694: Two Weeks from Today, It’ll Be Done

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#694 What is the experience you create for your audience? How do you imagine people reacting to your products? What do your ideal reviews and testimonials sound like? Now more than ever, I'm obsessing over these questions because my first in-person event in the Pokémon space is just two weeks away. You see, even with ticket sales going very well and many sponsors supporting us, we might still lose a lot of money on this first event. But that's okay! My main goal with Card Party is to deliver unforgettable moments for our attendees and celebrate this incredible community in a unique way. But, while that's happening behind the scenes, detractors have been popping up online. Tune in to find out how I'm handling these people and why I can't wait for their honest reviews after the event! Enjoy! Show notes and more at SmartPassiveIncome.com/session694 ( ) .

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Cameron Long