SPI 686: How to Build Your Business Network with Benjamin Yeh

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#686 Your network is your net worth. That is to say, who you choose to surround yourself with can either support your growth or deplete your energy. So, when was the last time you received a warm lead or referral from your network? When was the last time you extended an opportunity to a friend? This fantastic Teaching Friday session with our guest host Benjamin Yeh will reveal the secret to building impactful relationships and help you connect with the right people in your niche. Tune in to get Benjamin's 5WG framework for meaningful conversations, the top questions to ask when meeting someone new, advice on the relationships you should avoid, and more! I'm always floored by the tips and strategies our SPI Pro members share when they take over the show. This episode is no exception! Download the resources to support you in implementing the techniques discussed today at BenjaminYeh.com/spi ( ) . Show notes and more at SmartPassiveIncome.com/session686 ( ) .

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Cameron Long