SPI 681: Community-Powered Business Growth with Chris and Danielle from Money Ripples

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#681 Without building a community around your brand, you'll be left behind. That's the flag I'm planting in the ground, the line I'm drawing in the sand. But, for your business, what exactly is the role and value of bringing people together? Today, I'm exploring this topic with my guests Chris Miles and Danielle Hollembaek from Money Ripples. You see, they recently hired SPI CEO Matt Gartland and me to help them build their community. We want to share this process with you because the benefits for their company are already becoming apparent. Chris, Danielle, and I will discuss every step of this journey, from setting up a Circle community to creating an engaging space that people come back to again and again. This is a great episode for anyone looking to build a community-powered business! And, if this chat inspires you, check out our community help page to learn more about starting and running a membership business! Show notes and more at SmartPassiveIncome.com/session681 ( ) .

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Cameron Long