SPI 625: Why Going Viral Is Not the Goal with Bob Clagett

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#625 What does being a successful creator online look like? This question often conjures up an image of big numbers and viral content. But what if that’s not the point? I’m so happy to talk to my friend Bob Clagett again today. Bob runs I Like To Make Stuff on YouTube, where he builds anything from basic furniture to crazy props from movies. You see, I came up with an idea for a portable podcast studio to house my gear for easy on-the-go audio recording. I couldn't make this on my own, so I knew Bob was the man for the job! With the build completed, we put it to the test for this episode. Bob and I discuss finding success without chasing virality, building a team with a shared vision, leveraging multiple platforms to generate revenue, and prioritizing community over profit. Join us for this inspiring chat about turning a passion into a business without losing the magic that made you love it! Show notes and more at SmartPassiveIncome.com/session625 ( ) .

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Cameron Long