SPI 601: How to Get the BEST Testimonials for Your Products, Hands Down

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#601 How do you build trust with someone who’s just visiting your website? How do you connect and convert them into paying customers right then and there? In business, we often have so many big ideas that we forget to go back to the tried and true fundamentals, like gathering testimonials from our audience. Today I’m chatting with Casey Hill, the Head of Growth at Bonjoro. They've created a testimonial tool that I think is absolutely revolutionary. Imagine this, you send a link to a customer of yours, and it then prompts them with the exact questions that lead to the most fruitful text or video testimonials and case studies that you could ever ask for. But what does a good testimonial even look like? When is the best time to ask for testimonials, and what are the precise questions you should ask? Casey shares all of this along with some massive tips you can use in your business, no matter which tools you use. Show notes and more at SmartPassiveIncome.com/session601 ( ) .

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Cameron Long