SPI 552: My Personal Money Story

insulin resistance, diabetes, blood sugar, weight loss

#552 In Wednesday's episode ( ) , we chatted with Marisa Pier about the money stories (and other stories!) we tell ourselves that then become our reality. Today, I wanted to talk a little about my own money story, because it's definitely had a role in the difficulty I had with my transition from a nine-to-five to entrepreneurship. As I was getting started as an entrepreneur, I held onto a lot of my money—and it definitely got me in trouble. In order to succeed with my business, I had to get over the idea of “I can't afford it.” Now, instead I'm focused on what's important, the north star, the mission and values here at SPI Media. Because when you do that, the question becomes, “How could I afford not to? Show notes and more at SmartPassiveIncome.com/session552 ( ) .

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Cameron Long