SPI 511: Why Thursday is the New Friday with Joe Sanok

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#511 Perhaps you've heard about the four-hour workweek. Well, a lot of us have come to realize that it's kind of hard to come by. Even Tim Ferriss, author of The 4-Hour Work Week, has said that maybe wasn't the best title for his book. Because even with passive income coming in, you still have to do work to maintain things. Four hours is probably out of the question for most of us—but what about a four-day workweek? That's three days for a weekend, four days of work, then rinse and repeat. In fact, this has become the norm in places like Iceland, where 85 percent of workers are working just four days a week. And guess what? They still get paid the same, and productivity is up. So the question is, when is this going to happen in the US? Well, the truth is it can happen right now if you are an entrepreneur and you control your own time. And even if you're not an entrepreneur, you can still make this happen if you're smart about it and willing to have the right conversations with your employer. Thankfully, my good friend Joe Sanok from Practice of the Practice might have a path forward for us. Joe has a new book coming out called Thursday is the New Friday, How to Work Fewer Hours, Make More Money, and Spend Time Doing What You Want ( ) . And he's joining the podcast today to tell us all about how he's made this approach work for himself and his business. He's not "at work" very much anymore, but he's still doing so much to help people, and making good money as a result. So, if you've ever felt overworked or that you're putting too much time into something and not getting a lot of results back, there's a lot of great stuff in this episode for you. Show notes and more at SmartPassiveIncome.com/session511 ( ) .

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