SPI 481: How to Negotiate Like a PRO with FBI Negotiator Chris Voss

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#481 Chris Voss is the CEO of The Black Swan Group Ltd. and the author of Never Split the Difference — an amazing book on negotiation that I'd highly recommend everyone read. I'm so grateful that Chris joined me on the show to talk about negotiation, how he got interested in the topic, as well as his in-depth advice on negotiation. We talk about how to great a lasting last impression (and why that's more critical than a first impression), setting yourself up for success, why negotiation is ultimately about collaboration, and we even get into Chris's thoughts about having the right kind of mindset for successful negotiation. Everyone uses negotiation to some degree in their life or business and man, this is one for the books. Let's do it! Show notes and more at SmartPassiveIncome.com/session481 ( )

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Cameron Long