SPI 450: Entrepreneur Growth, Self-Discovery, and Pivoting in Tough Times

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#450: Can you imagine being in the travel influencer industry when COVID-19 hit? Kristin Addis is the creator at BeMyTravelMuse.com ( ) —a site for travelers, especially solo female backpackers. Kristin works with brands and organizes special trips for adventurers. Kristin's no stranger to adversity. Her whole travel adventure started when she was four years deep in a top-notch corporate job that she just knew from day one wasn't going to stick.

How is she innovating and keeping her business thriving? Kristin's going to take us through it all today, from her business's origin story and the decisive moments when she knew to stay with it, to adapting to a post-COVID world, to getting vulnerable and creating new offerings for her audience. A lot of great inspiration in this one—let's go!

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Cameron Long