RODE DS2 Mic Stand – 30 Days Later

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I've used a boom arm mic for over a decade, but I gave a real 30-day run at trying Rode's new DS2 Desktop Mic Studio Arm to see if I could convert, and…well, there are a few things I liked, and a couple I didn't.

Here is a direct link to the DS2 on Amazon (affiliate link):

A big thank you to RODE for sending me the DS2 to review on the channel ahead of time!

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Cameron Long

  • @sad_ify says:

    1st comment ❤

  • @lloyddaniel741 says:

    Didn’t know this existed! Thanks for the review

  • @kwalkomedy says:

    I know it’s a Rode Product, but how does it fare with the PodMic… it’s such a heavy mic – I struggle with it on boom arms – this looks like a good solution [if it’s on sale or used]

    • @patflynn says:

      I tested it with the pod mic (you can see a few shots with it in the video) and it holds up well. The Shure you see here is even heavier.

  • @timdanyo898 says:

    There are cheaper alternatives.

  • @MadalynSklar says:

    Helpful video, Pat. Thank you!

  • @GideonShalwick says:

    Nice on Pat! I think I’m gonna stick to my boom arm for now haha!

  • @dankelly says:

    They make boom arms that positions the mic and bar below you, rather than covering your face.

  • @waltjennette says:

    It amazes me that they don’t send some of these products out before they release them to people who actually use them so they know things to avoid. Lol. I’m sure making that hole bigger may change the structural integrity of the design but the fact nobody thought about that XLR fitting is funny. Lol.

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