How To Stay Focused & Get Things Done

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If you're struggling to get things done, it's probably because your task list has a lot of stuff that doesn't matter to you. This 8-step process will help you figure out how to get the life you want and keep you focused on what's most important every day!

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00:00 The Struggle To Get Things Done
01:07 Create Clarity
01:22 Step 1: Create a List of Desires
01:57 Step 2: Circle Your Top 3 Desires
02:34 Step 3: Cross Out The Rest
03:04 Step 4: Set a Deadline
04:17 Brain Dump Tasks
04:49 Step 5: Consider Proactive vs. Reactive
06:31 Step 6: Write Tasks That Benefit Your Desires
07:04 The Eisenhower Matrix
08:56 Step 7: Assign Tasks to Appropriate Quadrants
10:22 When Things Don't Go To Plan
11:16 Where To Spend More Time
12:11 How To Get Things Done
12:27 Step 7: Create a Weekly Task List
12:43 Step 8: Assign 3 Daily Priorities

Cameron Long

  • Tiffany says:

    That Real Housewives clip is everything 😆 Thank you so much for all of your fabulous advice…sitting down with my Good Morning, Good Life planner as we speak 💜

  • Sara Stilleke - Peak Performance says:

    This is a wonderful video! I often find myself with a disconnect between my dreams, and what to actually DO on a daily basis. I like the idea of brain dumping all the tiny actions that will get me to my goal. It makes them much less intimidating 😊

  • Krembry says:

    I have been loving your videos lately! As a working mom, it’s so refreshing to hear someone who is also balancing that life. Best of luck getting Bianca into full-time care!

  • Belinda Facciol says:

    Thank you Amy for making this video! This is EXACTLY what I needed. I have so much on my plate right now and feeling overwhelmed and this is going to really help keep me prioritize my tasks and stay focused. I’m excited to start using it right away! Thanks again! ❤

  • ivbwatchwithme says:

    I needed this a lot! I’m a college student living paycheck-to-paycheck and while my deadline of getting my goals achieved is way out (I set it for 2030 when I’m 35), I think a lot of these day-to-day goals can be put into place a lot easier! Thank you for sharing!

  • Sonia Oba says:

    Creating this MAP overwhelmed me but I kept pushing because this is something important to me and I really want to achieve my goals instead of just saying I should do them💪
    Thank you so much for this fresh perspective on goal setting ❤

  • Dianne Rigdon says:

    So, I see lots of videos and tutorials on planning. But almost all of the time I am inspired, then confused. At the end, I am unsure how to implement what I “learned”. This video was perfect because you walked us through actual thought processes. I don’t think I ever saw a functional purpose for the Eisenhower Matrix until now! It just felt like “make work”. Thanks!

  • Amy Landino says:

    PROACTIVE VS. REACTIVE TASKS! A (hopefully better) explanation:

    Proactive tasks are things that you need to do that directly contribute to making your goals happen.

    Reactive tasks are things that usually hold you back in your individual situation. They tend to sound like excuses.

    Reactive tasks could be inspired by negative thoughts such as:

    “I don’t have enough help with my kid to focus on my dreams.”


    “People come into my office and bother me too much, preventing me from real focus.”


    “I always get thrown off when something changes in my schedule and I don’t know what to do next.”

    When you have your “reasons” why things don’t get done, coming up with the tasks that help you solve for those reactive moments will help your plans get executed a little more effectively.

    Is this helpful? Should we do a video of this all on its own? Would love your thoughts!

  • Taxontrack says:

    This was a really good video. For someone who is always on go and always want more things done but at the same time feel like enough isn’t getting done! Thanks for this 🎉

  • Nicole Fino says:

    I’ve always loved making lists, but struggled to put everything I’ve noted into action. This video has helped so much!

  • jen@simplefaithanddaisies says:

    as a mom, homeschooler, entrepreneur, and bible study teacher, I have a lot on my plate and this was fantastic for me as a planner! Thank you so very much!

    • Amy Landino says:


    • Purity and Plants says:

      Right! I’m also a mom and homeschooler and my youngest son is on the spectrum so I really want to be more intentional about supplementing his speech therapy and physical therapy at home along with other things…

    • Margy says:

      You’re a hero without a cape 👏🏼 start your own chanel, I’m a christian too, no kids, not married and I can’t even handle myself lolol… you gotta have a LOT to teach girl! Bravo!

  • Raquel Paro says:

    Você sintetizou o assunto com maestria. Desenhou de verdade. Que honra chegar até esse vídeo. Obrigada

  • Yvonne Erik says:

    Hi Amy thanks for sharing this great content, I found your wisdom so inspirational. I started my path to reinventing myself a year ago, I’m now living healthier, confident, stronger, making 6 figures, having leisure to enjoy family &friends. I feel happier and living my life for myself . This is to encourage someone “you can start anytime to have a reset it’s worth it!
    I’m striving to continue growing cus it’s a journey 💗

    • Andre Blechynden says:

      Congratulations ma’am, Thanks for encouraging others with your story, I will love to get tips from you too

    • Yvonne Erik says:

      Change your mindset, read self-help books, expand knowledge, budget and don’t spend on impulse, save, take your finances seriously, eat healthy, exercise your body, meditate; the list goes on… I hope it is useful to you.

    • eira Antoinette says:

      How did you grow to 6 Figure ? I’m honestly trying to work on my personal finance this year.

    • Louis-freddie Ceaser says:

      Congratulations to you that’s a great accomplishment keep it going 🎉

    • Yvonne Erik says:

      @eiraAntoinette I learnt to be frugal, minimal on spending, saving and paying myself first through Investing, made Plans, growing passive income, Read a lot of books on finance, followed my plan consistently.

  • Amy Landino says:

    *NEW VIDEO: PROACTIVE V. REACTIVE TASKS!* I made a video explaining it a little more clearly! | Thank you so much for your comments below telling me to make this deep dive video! Your feedback is making me so much better a teacher! xo

  • W says:

    You lost me when you said putting your daughter in full-time day care is “gonna make her better.” 😢

  • Gerling Daniels says:

    Absolutely happy I came across this video! This explanation and organization on how I can be more productive yet, achieve my goals; significantly brought my anxiety down to a neutral level. I will be sharing this video with some family members. We seem to constantly have an open discussion in regards to getting our things together but, we seem to never know what direction we should go to. Again, thank you again for making this video and explaining it so well!

  • Anusha Rafiq Bhutto says:

    This is an incredible method for prioritizing major goals!! Thank you Amy for providing such a hassle-free approach in this wonderful video.

  • Rhe says:

    I love that this is raw and real! It’s not just writing down 300 affirmations or desires of what you want to do or need. Thank you 🎉

  • Lorena V says:

    I am home with my two kids every day. I have big goals and live overstimulated, reactive and unable to prioritise anything before home tasks and looking after my babies. I needed this video more than anything! Saving, rewatching, subscribing! Working on my YouTube channel and my podcast are huge goals for me and I stumbled across your channel at the perfect time! 🤍🤍🤍

  • Monica Wilson says:

    Girl I SO needed this! I’m in the middle of taking several classes for a pretty massive career change, all while working full time and taking care of the household (Which is almost a full time job in itself 😂). This was so so helpful, thank you ❤

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