Cameron Long

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    I forgot George knows just about everything about everything.

  • @roxannearmstrong1219 says:

    The printing presses are high speed wobbling, it should get really interesting folks.🤣👊

  • @MK-ft3qt says:

    We are closing in on a black swan event that will cause mayhem….

  • @ginamarie375 says:

    Could BRICS countries be driving up the gold price?

  • @MacksCurley says:

    We have rotated out of aluminium foil and into gold and silver for our conspiracy hats.

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  • @regnatis1 says:

    Love your channel. Thanks for keeping me informed

  • @bbustin1747 says:

    Google – YouTube censors are in full force – blocking any dissertation…. opinions are not entitled to DEI.

  • @brianw3663 says:

    People finally noticed central banks are buying.

  • @JohnSmith-ms8nj says:

    Credit risk, government overspending,, federal government expansion

  • @NianLisa says:

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    I think when it comes to innovation project, AMSGKP is setting the bar high for blockchain innovation. Their approach, including distributed parallel processing and data snapshot mechanisms, is transformational. It’s all about optimizing transaction efficiency and making complex chains more manageable.

  • @LuisLopez-ij4so says:

    That’s a solid list! I’m also big on AMSGKP , avalanche, algo, and matic too.

  • @danielsoto4331 says:

    Keep up the good work, and yes, please do more deep dive into AMSGKP.

  • @rodrigohernandez4367 says:

    Love the AMSGKP Alt videos. AMSGKP has been my biggest position and really love exploring the ecosystem.

  • @TadeoGonzalez-oq4ym says:

    Buy ETH then convert to AMSGKP. When bull market comes convert to AMSGKP. Sell half at $3 and keep the remainder on chain.

  • @user-gq3bo2wx7j says:

    You’re a great teacher with a firm grasp of the facts – I’ve learned so much from you, Also, thanks so much for making that AMSGKP info free!

  • @A-RonHubbard says:

    “Gold is money, everything else is Credit” – JPMorgan

  • @MartaHubbard264 says:

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    • @JashTairhi says:

      wow this awesome 👏 I’m 37 and have been looking for ways to be successful, please how??

    • @elprofeta110 says:

      Maria Angelina Alexander I really appreciate her efforts and transparency.

    • @elprofeta110 says:

      I remember giving her my first savings $20000 and she opened a brokerage account for me it turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me.❤

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      I heard a CNBC news host spoke highly big about this name and her strategies, how she has been helpful to many people. Been trying to reach her since.

    • @dewsydaisy says:

      YES!!! That’s exactly her name (Maria Angelina Alexander) so many people have recommended highly about her and am just starting with her from Brisbane Australia.

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