Here’s The TRUTH About 2024 (No One Is Expecting This)

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Cameron Long

  • @arjanmucco4627 says:

    “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, FIRST BY INFLATION, THEN BY DEFLATION, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered” – Thomas Jefferson

  • @mickbadgero5457 says:

    Good video. However, your original scenario is not realistic. If Joe went to a bank with a loan request and a business plan that would make him 20%, the banker would NOT loan him the money at 10% or even 15%. He would call his nephew and tell him to buy the property and promise the money to him. All while holding Joe’s loan application in limbo while his nephew bought the property out from under him. That is more realistic banking.

  • @daveg.5579 says:

    In the 40’s inflation wasn’t calculated using hedonics. Calculating inflation today using 1940’s methods puts us well over 20%!

  • @joenieb says:

    I hope you’re right George, because you’re more optimistic than I am.

  • @gdhdjrjrndndn says:

    In 2009+, we saw the Federal Reserve create massive amounts of new currency, but it did not result in price inflation. Why? Because, as you point out, the banks sat on it and used their business judgement not to lend. Therefore, we learned that the money supply is not a good predictor of inflation because the currency doesn’t make it into the general economy. However, during the “Cerveza Sickness”, we saw increased government spending and that money DID go directly into the economy, causing inflation. So now we know that government spending, not the money supply, is what drives inflation in the near term. How’s that government spending looking today, and what might the response be to the next economic downturn or Black Swan event?

    • @janvanhaaster2093 says:

      QE after 2009 caused inflation, not of food but of stocks and real estate. And that needs time to trickle down to the real economy….

  • @Avarua59 says:

    Interesting. As George knows, Lyn Alden had surmised in 2020 that we would be facing a decade much like the 1940’s. Back in the 1940’s the U.S. also had sovereign debt to GDP levels of over 100%.

  • @roberttaylor662 says:

    The Federal Reserve (FED) is committed to maintaining current interest rates, prioritizing the preservation of the dollar, irrespective of its impact on markets, the economy, and individuals. With $1 million from a business sale, I am actively exploring lucrative investment prospects for the upcoming three years.

    • @DeannaPeters-lz8we says:

      The market is currently controlled by professionals since they possess both the necessary business strategy and insider knowledge that the general public lacks.

    • @arthurworld9768 says:

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    • @QUE_N_NON says:

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    • @arthurworld9768 says:

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  • @davidcollins8150 says:

    Timing the big short is key – remember the market offers many more derivative shorting opportunities to the AVERAGE retail investor than in the past thereby driving prices form even further and faster

  • @fredm1 says:

    November’s monster rally was powered by optimism that the Federal Reserve is done with hiking interest rates. The question now is, where do we go from here? Are we seeing a cycle of long term gains until Q2 2024? let’s say I decide to throw In $150k?

    • @georgeh.5126 says:

      Momentum begets momentum in the stock market, that can work in the bulls’ favor, i think investors who are wary of changing market trends should seek out bear mkt directions from certified strategists.

    • @josephbush says:

      I believe that navigating the upward market cycle can be made easier by consulting an expert who understands market direction. In early 2020, during the pandemic, my portfolio suffered a significant loss. However, after seeking advice from a financial advsor, I gained over $650k in ROI from subsequent investments, that’s the value of expert counsel.

    • @debwes1 says:

      @josephbush Impressive. Being heavily liquid, I’d rather not reinvent the wheel. Since this strategy works for you, how can I contact your advisor?

    • @josephbush says:

      I definitely recommend ”Heather Lee Larioni”. I choose to delegate my excesses to her because of her great expertise. I suggest you look her up. To be honest, almost didn’t buy the idea of letting someone handle growing my finance, but so glad I did.

    • @debwes1 says:

      Thanks for this. I curiously searched for her full name and her website came first. I looked through her credentials and did my due diligence before contacting her. Once again many thanks

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  • @A44-hn7df says:

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  • @marcogarofalo1754 says:

    Strange been watching this man talking about recessions and depressions for over a year. We are all anxiously waiting for his prophecy to come true.

  • @hushbash2989 says:

    Investors can’t predict the future, bearish periods automatically give way for a new set of stocks to buy and watch while setting the stage for a new profitable uptrend. I have come across articles of people that grossed profits up to $250k during this crash, what are the best stocks to put on a watch list or buy at the moment?

    • @cloudyblaze7916 says:

      It’s precisely at times like these that investors need to be on guard against the next certainty. You don’t have to act on every forecast, hence i will suggest you get yourself a financial-advisor that can provide you with entry and exit points on the shares/ETF you focus on.

    • @roddywoods8130 says:

      The uncertainties accompanying this present market is more reasons I have my daily investment decisions guided by a portfolio-coach seeing that their entire skillset is built around going long and short at the same time, both employing profit-oriented strategy , coupled with the exclusive analysis, it’s quite impossible not to outperform. Netted over $550k in return on investment, since…

    • @selenajack2036 says:

      Impressive! I’ve actually been looking into advisors lately, the news I’ve been seeing in the market hasn’t been so encouraging, who’s the professional coaching you?

    • @brandywhite9317 says:

      Thank you for this tip. It was easy to find your coach. Did my due diligence on her before scheduling a phone call with her. She seems proficient considering her résumé.

  • @corsomagenta says:

    George, could you do a video on this topic?: If banks lend money into existence why do they care about the size and risk of their loans? If it’s all just numbers on a keyboard, if a big loan goes south can’t they just always make more?

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