Here is Great News Overweight Diabetics!

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Everyone knows that being overweight increases the odd of diabetes. But here is some really good news for overweight diabetes.

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Cameron Long

  • @despicableandproudF.T.W. says:

    I recently started checking my glucose around an hour before bed. My glucose level is around 66, I’ve noticed that I don’t get good sleep when it’s in the sixties. Is that maybe coincidence or is there something to it? I would very much appreciate your opinion.

  • @voices8570 says:

    So so motivating🙏❤

  • @linsteele1820 says:

    Perhaps when you are in nineties or above you can use the extra energy and fiber and dont have to worry about glucose!

    • @Mrs.TJTaylor says:

      I don’t think so. My 93 year old mother eats almost nothing but sugary foods and candy in her assisted living home. She sleeps around the clock and is as weak as a kitten. I believe she’s malnourished from her diet and she puts herself into a sugar coma multiple times a day. When she stays with me, she eats a high protein, low carb diet. She hates it and whines for her sugar, but she has some energy and she doesn’t pass out shortly after she eats.

  • @andysampson8687 says:

    Great video, Dennis. Super on point!

  • @beckycortez7102 says:

    I would have to change to this way of life until I meet my maker. When I did keto my blood sugars went down and I lost some weight

  • @olly2027 says:

    Is Bre cheese good for us?

    • @Mrs.TJTaylor says:

      Of course! And delicious. Check your blood sugar to know for sure. I eat aged soft cheeses every day. Yum.

  • @Sheryl777 says:

    I think maybe the reason that lady was eating the foods in the morning that you mentioned, is because they probably help her if she has constipation issues (at her age especially). I know they aren’t really healthy foods, but I’m thinking that is likely why she eats them though. If so, there are healthier ways to deal with that issue for sure.

  • @bryandoyle1488 says:

    I have been eating less than 30 carbs a day in a 4-6 hr window for 18 months now…I lost 50 lbs and got down to 238 in about a year. Yet since I have hit my bottom I have gained about 10 lbs over the last 2 months, I don’t understand it. I check my glucose after every meal and rarely have more than a 20-30 point rise…yet I am almost always between 95 – 125 glucose. I have substituted Berberine for Metformin but my A1C was still 5.8 at my last checkup in July.
    I guess my point is that there is no magic bullet…everyone is different. I am frustrated that I can’t seem to lose more weight but all my other markers are improving…except the neuropathy, not much change there.

    • @CowboyBobDuke says:

      30 carbs a day is a good goal… now that you’re used to it, decrease your carbs to 10-20… I’m not sure if you’re intermittent fasting with a 6 hour eating window.. no snacks. EVERY time you eat your Insulin increases, even if it’s 30 carbs a day. So limit your eating window. Also work on a fast of 24 hours once a week. Then 36 hours once every 2 weeks, then 72 hours once a month. Your body will love it as your mental health too.

  • @Mrs.TJTaylor says:

    Gasp. . .self control! What an antiquated concept that is, Pastor.

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