Gold Prices Will SHOCK Everyone In 2024!! (Here’s Why)

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Cameron Long

  • @catfeline1530 says:

    Gold isn’t really a hedge against inflation, although it can be protection from it. What it really represents is trust, or lack thereof, in the political system and elites. If you think the system is going to be highly corrupt, and people are going to be treated by garbage by elites and politicians, abused, have their rights attacked, then gold is a sure bet.

    • @BPoweredLove says:

      Agreed. When adjusted for inflation, it’s quickly apparent that gold today is worth FAR less than it was in 1980. This “all-time high” talk these days is wildly misleading.

    • @supermash1 says:

      Good point. Thank pretty much sums up why I like gold – I have no faith or trust in the government or the banks or anyone “in charge”.

  • @sisensi3721 says:

    Cycles, COT Positioning, and Sentiment are relevant factors in predicting the price movement IMO. An understanding that PMs are manipulated is also very important

  • @sawymath says:

    My friend paid £2million for a house he didn’t live in in 2006 and sold it this year for £2.25 million. If he’d have bought gold, he’d have £12 million now.😅 He doesn’t like me to mention it, though 😂

  • @siferd18 says:

    Didn’t gold go parabolic at that time most in part to the spot etf getting approved?

  • @ThePolysyllabist says:

    Gold isn’t going up, the value of the dollar is going down.
    Generally, gold price is manipulated to mask the decline of the value of the dollar, and we’re all just waiting for those tricks to reach the end of their ability to be played.

  • @youflatscreentube says:

    Gold and silver are two of the most manipulated commodities in the world (evidenced by the massive fines dispensed to JP Morgan and others). So, to consider the effect on pricing without identifying the manipulation is not reasonable. They “change” the pricing to arbitrage between different assets in the “off season” and then it does its job as a long term preservative of wealth. I appreciate George’s honesty on this one!

  • @Liberty-tn3rs says:

    George ; I believe the gold market is manipulated , yet all the major banks have loaded up on gold & silver.

  • @alleneverhart4141 says:

    So basically, you’re saying the price of gold will fluctuate!? Genius, George, genius! (Can I get my 13 min and 51 seconds back?)

  • @GreatestAudioBooks says:

    According to reports, Central Banks of the world have been buying gold at record rates. Unlike US treasuries , gold has zero counterparty risk. This could be the ‘why?’

  • @TB-ki1ux says:

    Appreciate the honesty George G, quality content and insights as usual

  • @TheFunkybert says:

    Why would we NOT follow what the central banks are doing and buy more gold if and when they do?

  • @123Goldhunter11 says:

    If you wait for a dip/crash to buy – doesn’t the rise in premiums make up for the drop in spot price? Love your honesty.

  • @Conklinn says:

    I’m hoping to end the rat race by 60, I’m 52, $600K net worth. Money is a liability, not an asset. You have to exchange it for assets that represent real value. Real estate – properties for rent. Stocks (dividends). Bonds (interest), funds, REITs (interest) So, what is it with Gold?

    • @Gaetanna says:

      Gold has a top performing asset over the last 30 years.

    • @parkinsonnLeon says:

      Gold is a great investment and a good bet against the devaluating dollar, been holding some for awhile now, I’m grateful my adviser’s moment by moment changes in the market are lightening quick, cos who know how much losses I would’ve had by now.

    • @Prozellar says:

      I envy you, I’m still trying to recover from losses I incurred in 2021/2022, who is this adviser you work with, I’m intrigued and I could use some quality guidance

    • @parkinsonnLeon says:

      I’ve shuffled through a few advisors in the past, but settled with ‘Nicole Desiree Simon’ her service is exemplary. I’d suggest you research her further on your browser, sure you’ll find her basic info.

    • @AmeliaBBoi says:

      Thank you for this tip. it was easy to find your mentor. Did my due diligence on her before scheduling a phone call with her. She seems proficient considering her résumé

  • @fionnaheller1873 says:

    As a general rule, from an uneducated novice perspective, I used to regard a rise as indicating a global unsettling event and a fall as indicating the resolution of that. For the last year or two, gold has performed in the opposite fashion. I assumed it was being used to cream off large profits, which also acts as a safety valve on price, and I think they’ll carry on doing that, if only for the fun of it. I only want the stuff I can hold myself and its yield is irrelevant. Its there for my children.

  • @Shukti-Dipali9252 says:

    institutional buying into SYN24R could totally break the cycle and the peak expectation of end of 2025 will likely spectacularly fail to appear. If the last double peak was odd, the next one will catch most people out again.

  • @Siddhi-Sudeepta65373 says:

    They will both serve a function and niche. SYN24R has a lot more momentum right now and will decentralize as it scales

  • @Jayalakshmi-Hansa22648 says:

    I like both, but I think SYN24R is gonna be utilized sooner.

  • @Inderjit-Sima386 says:

    I have a fairly large holding of SYN24R. And 90% or it is because I believe in the asset itself. Its actually the chain that makes me want to dev on top of it and learn Haskell.

  • @Varsha-Dristi0038 says:

    Been stacking a lot of SYN24R and cash after DCAing a bit this year. Will buy more at least around the November December lows and below

  • @plumairalbannach8492 says:

    Love Georges work, honest and easy to understand for the low educated like myself, thanks a million 😊

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