Blood Sugar Test: White Rice vs Brown Rice

Dennis and Benedicta test the rise in blood sugar produced by white rice and then by brown rice. We've all heard that brown rice is far preferable to white rice in both nutritional value and also in producing a less noticeable blood sugar rise. But is brown rice entirely "safe?"

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Cameron Long

  • Simon Smedley says:

    Hi Dennis I eat white rice occasionally and it never raises my BG above 7.8mmol. I eat it in the same way as in Japan. I cook my rice at night and store it overnight in the fridge. I then fill my small Japanese rice bowl and pour plenty of Japanese Rice wine vinegar over it. Usually I eat it with some type of fish like pickled herring or sardines.
    By storing in the fridge overnight a lot of the starch in the rice converts to resistant starch which cannot be absorbed by the gut, but is fermented in the colon to butyrate by colonic bacteria. Butyrate also increases insulin sensitivity.
    In measuring GI of foods they are eaten on a fasted stomach…..who eats white rice on it’s own? Once you eat it with fat, fish and vinegar it hardly raises blood sugar at all. Everybody thinks the Japanese eat vast mounds of white rice, this is incorrect. White rice is eaten almost as a condiment with other foods such as pickled vegetables, meat, fish, eat etc. Vinegar has been shown to reduce or slow down the absorption of glucose from carbohydrate.
    Thanks for the interesting video.
    Greetings to you and your with from the UK.

  • Kayte Pike says:

    Have you ever heard of sprouted rice? You soak brown rice in water for a couple of days. I wonder if that would affect blood sugar levels differently? Love your channel. God bless!

  • Je Ss says:

    Amazing content as always. Please never stop doing these videos they are so informative.

  • Dee says:

    I want to thank you for giving me a quality education on diabetes.

    My neighbor is a doctor and she is aware of my diabetes condition. Almost every day she asked me how my diabetes is doing.

    1 1/2 months ago I found out that I had type 2 diabetes and my blood sugar was testing 560. After watching your videos I am following a quality diet and exercise plan.

    Just after one month I have been able to maintain my blood sugar between 90 – 135.

    My neighbor that is a doctor can hardly believe that I was able to get it down to 90 so quickly and hold it there.

    She asked me how I did it …..

    I told her that I met this guy on YouTube and he does videos with his wife on diabetes.

    Since my type 2 diabetes diagnosis I have watched a lot of videos on this subject.

    But I find myself always returning to your channel.

    Much respect to you and Benadicta !

    • Beat Diabetes! says:

      Thanks for sharing, Dee! That is a wonderful testimony! Amazing how much progress you have made so quickly! Keep in touch.

    • Feddy Pj says:

      Wow…my mom is 400-500… If you can do it, she can do it.

    • Janet Embah says:

      @Beat Diabetes! Happy to find this channel. I was diagnosed with diabetes and the doctor place my on metformin and when l take the medication I become sick more than when I don’t take it. Please can you advise me on what to do? Thank you

    • Janet Embah says:

      Now am going on with fasting with no medication to see what happens. I feel much more better without medfomin . I will start with the Acv today. Thanks for your advice

    • Feddy Pj says:

      @Janet Embah hi Janet can you share your progress. Does fasting improve your blood sugar level?

  • Holly Dawn Fortenberry says:

    I know you qualified this in the beginning but it’s too funny, wheat and rice are two different grains. Wheat is wheat and rice is rice. You two are adorable! This was a very interesting experiment! I’m shocked to see that her blood sugar dropped so quickly after eating all that white rice! That’s amazing!! That’s awesome! I’d also like to know how many hours passed between the two experiments. Forgive the questions but I’m a scientist so I look for the details that allow me to know whether or not the results are valid. Either way, your videos are very interesting!

  • Holly Dawn Fortenberry says:

    I’ve read that if you cook rice by adding 3 tablespoons coconut oil to the water (per 1 cup of white rice) then the oil binds with the starch in the rice and the effect on your blood sugar is greatly reduced. You have to cool the rice in the fridge after cooking it to ensure that the molecules bind together but I would totally do that if it meant I get to eat white rice again! I love white rice! Now I need to do a test on myself to see if it’s true.

  • hu says:

    This is a very encouraging video. I am also checking my blood sugar before and after a meal. Example is when I ate 2 small boiled sweet potatoes, after 30 mins, my sugar will spike from 110 to 190. But what I will going to do, if my sugar goes up after half an hour, I will do bicycle 10-15 mins and keep my body active. After one hour , from high sugar it will drop to 110. We need to be active so that our body organs will work properly. Dont just eat and do nothing. BE ACTIVE at all times. God bless us more wisdom.💖

    • james Olojo says:

      I had 5 sweet potatoes l went from around 115 to 200 after 90 minutes.🙄 So l will reduce it to one and a half tomorrow and take another reading.

    • Angel Shining DJL says:

      @james Olojo lol, no one eats 5 sweet potatoes though so that’s an exaggerated amount

  • DavePM_2 says:

    Another great video. 1 cup is too large a serving. My whole grain servings are 1/2 cup or less. If I eat with vegetables (cruciferous and/or greens), my blood sugar spike is relatively small and manageable. Thanks again for the great video, you two are awesome!!

  • a Estrada says:

    Thanks for the great informative videos, i’m myself prediabetic, and my wife is type 2 diabetic. I was in a fog about what to eat and not to eat. Thankfully, with your vidoes about the carbohydrates and the clear link between sugar spikes. I have a better picture what foods to avoid for my wife and me.

  • Nom De Plume says:

    The contrast between a pre-diabetic individual and a normal individual is very interesting. I have learned a lot from your various videos. Thank you!

  • Rain Dance Ranch says:

    This would be interesting to do with two cups of sautéed or steamed veges like broccoli and cauliflower or other veges to see if the extra fiber helps control the spike better… as is the assertion of whole plant based proponents

  • g0ssage says:

    Would be nice to know your BG level before eating the food to see how much a cup of rice raises your BG. Did you start at 75 and an hour later you were at 150? Or did you start at 120 then an hour later at 150? Thank you for your informative videos!

  • A K says:

    I like the tests you do.They’ve helped me to lower my blood sugar. I noticed in your test this time. You didn’t say what your starting glucose was with the white rice.Was the spike more with the white vs brown. I’ve been told
    that brown and wild rice digest slower. Thus having lower spikes of your blood sugar.But I’m curious as to how long it stays up. Versus it’s white cousin. I think if we all would have adopted the doing all things in moderation. Early on in our lives.As the bible says. We’d be avoiding a lot of troubles later on.

  • Maria Jones says:

    Thank you so much for your devotion, dedication, and determination. My husband has type 2 diabetes. We are on a journey to reverse and control this dietary disease. Thank God for people like you and your beautiful lovely wife. Love your videos. Especially with Queen Benedicta by your side. 🥰❤️🙏

  • Mike Griffin says:

    In comparing the reactions of Dennis & Benedicta, now, I understand what it means to have insulin resistance/pre-diabetic versus having a normal, healthy pancreatic system.

  • E H says:

    I love that you use the term “insulin resistant.” It’s so much more accurate. And thank you for testing these things for us. It’s really kind of you. I don’t need to raise my blood sugar now. I’m sure my reaction will be like yours- or even worse.

  • PortiaE says:

    For people(caribbean) who eat boiled green banana. It also raised blood sugar. I found that out myself and my friends and contacts who are green bananas eater has as well. I have recommended your channel to many people. Another big blood sugar elevator is store bought cauliflower pizza. Make your own.

  • Muktha Tumkur says:

    Benedicta is such a trooper, “I have to be the lab rat”! I love these test videos. I have also been testing BG two hours after a meal and it has been revealing. Through my naturopath, I am getting my insulin resistance checked and I am so excited to see the results so that I can proactively manage my sugars.

  • The Good Enough Mama says:

    I did this same experiment on my channel a few days ago, but also captured my 2 hour blood sugar numbers, and that’s where things got really interesting! White rice is definitely an enemy to my body.

  • Matt Nobrega says:

    When it comes to carbs, one thing I learned in my 4 years as a type 1 diabetic is “if it’s white, it ain’t right”. This is easy to remember and makes sense as all the brown fiber is removed from the carb. I love whole grain carb options like whole wheat pasta or kojac noodles, brown basmati rice, whole grain pita bread. 😁👍

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