Will the ADA be Replaced by the American Diabetes Society?

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Dennis Pollock, of Beat Diabetes, discusses the fledgling American Diabetes Society.

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Cameron Long

  • @TonyBagofdoughnuts says:

    Let’s hope so

  • @ellen9579 says:

    That’s a “How to become a diabetic diet!” …Nuff said 🤪

  • @rogerbean5310 says:

    Gets my support

  • @olly2027 says:

    My sugar level was 95 last night. I didn’t eat dinner.

  • @colleenbaptiste98 says:

    You want to go from prediabetes to severely diabetic follow the advice of the ADA.
    The ADA’s polices influences many other countries.
    I’m looking forward to this new organization ❤

  • @brucekreidler7172 says:

    My support also

  • @amaliamorales5606 says:

    The food pyram id needs to be changed. Thanks, Dennis, for a great video. The ADA is not a supported group.

  • @marklinnell7167 says:

    It’s clear the ADA is a front for big food and pharma. If you follow their diet it ensures a lifelong income for all of them and misery for you. I support the ADS but it has an uphill battle, a lot of money to fight it.

  • @eugeniolopez8539 says:

    Excellent! This is good news.

  • @marktaylor8469 says:

    Dropped my A1c from 14 to 6.1 since dec 14 of 2023 did the low carb diet every thing dropped like rocks

  • @alanking5116 says:

    Excellent information! Thank you!!!!

  • @anomarnamloh7444 says:

    Tracy D Brown, MD was asked to leave (CEO) the ADA in 2022. She had identified herself as a Type 2 Diabetic who reversed her type 2 by going Low Carb… Reaearch that and dont take my word.

  • @km-bo3zx says:

    Thanks for speaking out Dennis and throwing your support behind the new ADS. It would be easy to sit on the fence and wait to see how it plays out.

  • @amanda-644 says:

    Thank you Dennis! We need the truth!!!!
    If I wouldn’t of listened to God and you, I believe I would of lost more than a toe. I’m so so so GRATEFUL to you teaching me the TRUTH and I did not listen to ADA!!
    THANK YOU!!!!

  • @petercyr3508 says:

    This is a great move. Dr Berry also needs to approach US health insurance executives to get them to sponsor this effort and go to war with big food and big pharma on the lobbying front. Maybe even sponsor real honest research.

  • @user-nn7yv7tb6f says:

    Dennis remember the 60’S. What a decade The Beatles, Rolling stones, Creedence Clearwater revival. Tom Jones,Tina Turner bygone era never to be repeated again 🇿🇦🌹

  • @heidiwatts6535 says:

    Thanks for speaking out in favor of the upcoming ADS. Hope it changes and helps the world and our upcoming generations.

  • @wjack4728 says:

    Very frustrating when the ADA promotes diabetes, and gets away with it, it’s like The Twilight Zone. Looking forward for the ADS to usurp the insane ADA.

  • @catherinewheatley1493 says:

    I look forward to the day when I can refer my doctor to the ADS. So frustrating have an unsupportive doctor after lowering my A1c from 7.6 to 6.0 and losing 45 pounds. I’m still working on lowering my A1c while the doctor is telling me I can’t reverse it. I aim to prove her wrong. Thank you for featuring this topic today.

  • @admgloval says:

    Some fruit is ok to eat every day as long as you are watching your blood sugar and eat it after eating a high protein meal. I eat a serving or two of berries (strawberries or raspberries) every day or a few slices of apple(I don’t eat an entire apple anymore, at most 1/4 of a medium or large apple). I have a CGM and with the amount of fruit I eat I see maybe a 15 point rise at max after eating a small amount of fruit which is honestly about the same rise I see after eating a meal of steak and green beans. I know some people say that they no longer have a sweet tooth from going low carb but I still crave some form of sugar and doubt it will ever go away.

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