My Honest Advice If You’re Stuck In The Side Hustle

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In this video, I have some words of advice if you have a side-hustle and haven't figured out how to quit your job and become a full-time entrepreneur.


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0:00 the side hustle struggle
1:19 how I left my full-time job
3:00 having enough money to quit my job
3:53 the real issue with the side hustle
7:24 the hard truth
9:30 turn your side-hustle full-time

Cameron Long

  • @AmyTV says:

    Are you ready to level up your side-hustle? Introduce your business to the community below ⬇

    • @brittanyalleyne9760 says:

      I started a gluten free bakery business from home in 2023 but I have a full time job due to financial stability. This video was on point for me. Working full time for someone else hurts my earning potential for my side hustle.

  • @ArshWood says:

    Just have enough money to sustain yourself till the time the side hustle takes off and you are good to go

  • @ScooterReneeLLC says:

    Holy cow! I’m going through this dilemma right now! I want to make my side hustle of a reseller full time, but my real full time job covers the family budget to allow me to do the other. But I’m miserable. I haven’t had a raise since 2020 and my bonuses got taken away because of my boss losing one of the partners. So I know I’m at a dead end job. I have flexibility and I have my safety net of a paycheck, but there’s no motivation to fully show up. Thank you for putting this up!

  • @lour9348 says:

    Clarity of your goal(s) is the key – if you’re not thinking about your goals and planning the actions and then doing the actions to get there to exit your ft job, then it’s never going to happen. Love this real talk, Amy – keep reminding us!

  • @ropecrewman36 says:

    Your timing couldn’t be more perfect, Amy.

    I have spent two years deliberating over the next step because I’d lose my current Healthcare coverage, which I need for my particular health situation.

    But…with more room in my schedule, I would be able to take on more clients from my side hustle. That can only happen if my “stable ” job is out of the picture. My biggest issue of course is timing. Like you said, I need to take the time and energy to troubleshoot that challenge.

    Thanks for the video. As always, it was both honest and inspiring.

  • @SlumberandBloom says:

    My biggest struggle is the constant hustle and the fact that I rarely get repeat clients (which means I did my job well)!

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