Keto / Low-Carb Diets Can Be Dangerous – Follow these 4 Rules!

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Dennis Pollock discusses the possible dangers of eating very low carb, especially in those early days of your transition from a standard diet.

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Cameron Long

  • @zenane2012 says:

    Greetings from Ethiopia. That was very informative. Thank you, Dennis.

  • @JamesNagano says:

    Hey nthere🎉ygg😮yggyg😮h ju😮

  • @kshyamkumar2950 says:

    Yes sir me too I had become very weak after going to low carb

  • @ellen9579 says:

    Always learning from ya!

  • @justmedee1959 says:

    My body is constantly fighting for more carbs. I have to be on watch all the time to tame the beast that wants to kill me 😅

  • @mballer says:

    Go for a walk.

  • @victorbaez3688 says:


  • @justmedee1959 says:

    Report: I was put on bp meds for stroke level BP 160 over? Then put on heart meds for crazy heart flibs. After being KETO for 6 years and stopping my meds, my last BP was actually low and when they checked my chart it was low for several months. They agreed this is my new normal. I also stopped the heart meds because all the sudden they were making me almost pass out. A-Fibs are not a major concern anymore. I’m off diabetes meds and it is controlled by diet alone. I’ve gone from almost 300lbs to 187. I do not restrict calories and eat all I want. I do restrict carbs to 20-25 day. I eat twice a day and have high fat snack if I get hungry between. My inflammation is much improved so long as I watch out for bad oils and limit wheat.

    KETO lifestyle has cured me of kidney failure.

    I don’t experience any bad things from KETO. Although in the beginning when my body was transitioning I lost some hair. But it grew back after yr 1.

    I truly believe keto lifestyle and this channel has been a Godsend that saved my life. Carbs are like demons wanting to destroy you.

  • @anomarnamloh7444 says:

    She got the “Keto” Flu as her body detoxed from carbs, sugar, Seed oils

  • @buckeyesweller says:

    Thank you Dennis, this is the video I’ve been waiting for. I have been eating low carb for about a year and a half. I used to test 3 times a day with “Mike” but last year was prescribed a CGM. I have known since I was diagnosed with diabetes that my blood sugars could go high and very high but what the CGM told me was my blood sugars could also drop into the dangerously low range <54 especially while sleeping. Although I’m not where I need to be A1C wise, I don’t get too stressed out because the lower my carbs, the greater the chance my actual “alarms” go off. Thank you you explaining the risks involved with hypoglycemia…Steve

  • @kenwezeman7827 says:

    Superb, potentially life-saving advice!

  • @nancy9478 says:

    Excellent advice, Pastor Dennis. The low carb, keto, carnivore influencers need to heed your advice. An added benefit is less chance of” keto flu”. Eating some carbs can make it harder to deal with food addiction to carbs, but careful selection of carbs by avoiding sugary drinks and foods can be helpful. God bless you and your beautiful Benedicta.

  • @elainehill5931 says:

    When I first cut carbs I noticed the weakness. I added some electrolytes (LMNT) and salt (Redmond’s sea salt) and after a few days all side effects went away. I think I lost about 10 pounds in water weight and it caused my electrolytes to be off. All is well now, never going back to junk carbs again.

  • @tedmartinus3878 says:

    Dennis, thank you for getting that out there. I should have given more detail… the times I woke up in the middle of the night, I crawled to my meter and once it was 32 and then 28 the second time. Good to mention about the glucose tablets (gotten at Walgreens, CVS…), I always kept a single serving bottle of OJ in the bottom door of my fridge for access. People don’t understand when blood sugar is that low, you can’t just get up and walk around. One must crawl. I’m 6’2″ and was like a baby trying to reach my meter.
    Well, off to Chicago tomorrow for family visit and a chat with the vascular surgeon. Love the videos!

  • @EurithraPDaley says:

    Keto flu is largely avoidable through electrolyte supplementation, per Phinney, Volek, Westman. (Wish I’d known….)

    If you’re on insulin or other meds that tend to cause hypos, that’s a different story.

  • @bernadette573 says:

    I’m very glad you were able to reverse the hypoglycemic episode. Warnings like yours may save someone’s life. I had a similar hypo experience with dyhydroberberine.
    Dr Ergin has some good examples of how to portion a plate. I used it to come off of keto. I’m more cautious with supplements now though.

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