Why It Never Feels Like You’re Enough | Improving Your Self Worth

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If you struggle with the belief that you're not enough, you are not alone.
In this episode of The Chalene Show Podcast, Chalene Johnson addresses the common feeling of inadequacy in today's society, fueled by social media and relentless comparisons that can trigger overwhelming anxiety.

Chalene sheds light on the pressures to reach one's potential and the struggle to balance societal expectations, particularly for women managing career success and motherhood. Discover valuable insights on prioritizing your values and aligning decisions with what truly matters.
Learn from Chalene as she advises against unhealthy comparisons and advocates for defining success on your own terms. Uncover the origins of negative self-beliefs and practical strategies to challenge them, including creating an evidence file, using positive affirmations, and curating your social circle wisely.

Empower yourself with this message: Acknowledge your self-worth and liberate yourself from the never-ending comparison game. Tune in for Chalene's inspiring guidance on embracing your authentic self.

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Cameron Long

  • Chalene Johnson says:

    What makes you feel not good enough?

    • Aimee Eby says:

      I know for me, my parents were (and still are) very proud when I do great. But when I fail or things don’t work out, it’s like “what will the neighbors think… what will great aunt Martha think… what will the people at church think…” So their anxiety of public perceptions has spilled over onto me. I’ve tried to shake it my whole life.

  • Adventures With Robin says:

    Ok, I’m just at your intro and other than being a mom (I’m not) and being married (I am) it sounds like the soundtrack of my mind 😂. Honestly, I have sooo much more self love and acceptance than at any other time in my life, but I struggle with the whole not having subscribers, not having enough money, along with a whole slew of other things you said. Can’t wait to finish watching!

  • Sheila Stevenson says:

    I love you but sometimes your hard to watch!! You your body your face your life all seems perfect ❣️

  • Tuesday Heck says:

    I appreciate how real n honest you are Charlene;)

  • Adventures With Robin says:

    Ok, I finished… I’ve read the Untethered Soul about 4 times I think. I’ve been to 3 Dr Joe Dispenza workshops. I do feel like I’m doing the work for myself (not to mention 30+ plant medicine journeys). It’s still disappointing and disheartening when you put in the self work and the actual work (I’m speaking of being a content creator here) and no one follows. No one likes or subscribes. Even on Facebook where you know actual people you are friends with, won’t “like” or comment on your posts. I complained about it for the first time earlier this week on a FB post and all of a sudden I had so many comments and reactions 😂. I don’t get my self worth from anyone but me, but I’m also not making videos to just tickle my own fancy… I’m sure you understand that. Maybe it’s the algorithm, but sometimes it sucks.

  • Iss says:

    Comparison is the thief of joy.

    If your family and friends are upset at the so called brag letters, that is their problem, not yours. Sorry, my son sacrificed and worked hard for 8 years to get into medical school and we are supposed to not tell our family and friends? My daughter graduated summa cum laude and negotiated a great job? The problem are those other people. It used to be that you could be genuinely happy for others. The point is, the “stuff” that you are jealous of was earned through hard work.

    I am very tempted to send out a fake letter and tell people the med student is on drugs, my daughter went to porn, etc and my husband and i are diabetic and on the verge of bankruptcy. That should make them all happy. The schadenfreude is eroding society.

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