SPI 713: The Most Inspirational Business Story Ever with Deanna Cooper Gillingham

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#713 Hustle culture has tricked many of us into sacrificing our personal lives for financial success. But does building a brand have to be difficult? Instead, what would our journey look like if it were easy? Today's conversation with Deanna Cooper Gillingham will blow your mind! She helps case managers in the healthcare industry grow in their profession through education and training. Her trajectory actually mirrors my own Green Exam Academy story. In fact, the book she self-published to help people in her niche pass an exam has now generated over a million dollars in profit! In this episode, we look at how Deanna pulled it off! She started from scratch with no audience and is now playing in the big leagues while traveling the world full-time. We dissect the essential systems that support her lifestyle, discuss mentorship, events, and public speaking, and get a glimpse at her community of superfans. Enjoy! Show notes and more at SmartPassiveIncome.com/session713 ( ) .

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Cameron Long