PiYo Strength Slide Workouts

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PiYo Home workout Strength Slides Chalene Johnson

Here are just a few of the many possible workouts you could do right at home with PiYo Strength Slides or even just paper plates! These exercises will work your buns, thighs, abs, core, legs, and full body! Convenient to do anywhere in your own home, you have no excuses not to get fit with these powerful slides!
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Cameron Long

  • Lisa Gonzales says:

    I’m sorry But I must be totally missing where I can buy those sliding pads. I clicked on the link and I do not see them. Can u point me in the right direction please?

  • Mary Alexandria Ingram says:

    Can’t wait to get the slides! Hello Piyo strength! 😃

  • Slim Sanity says:

    haha this music had me dancing in my chair at work 🙂

  • Mayra Morales says:

    Wow, now that is a workout. Just my slides will try it.

  • Mayra Morales says:

    I found my on amazon

  • Perfect You says:

    very good workout

  • LaLa says:

    Instead of buying them why not use the top plastic lids from 2 coffee cans? Works just as goodOr how about 2 old Frisbee’s?

  • Ochkamochka Ochkamochka says:

    It makes it easy! variety of exercises! Many show little to say! Thank you ! Everything is very well shown!

  • Rosie Posia says:

    or two paper plates ???

  • Jonnie Lane says:

    Chalene, I’ve been listening to your podcasts and doing your Push journaling, I almost forgot that I knew you first as a fitness instructor. Watching this makes me want to do PiYo again. Love it!And the results are amazing!

  • M P says:

    is this workout part of the 60 day Infomercial program?

  • Nurhani Nasaruddin says:

    I thought this is easy. But it isn’t

  • balram ji Verma says:

    very good steps. thank you.

  • balram ji Verma says:

    Very Good Steps, Thank You.

  • balram ji Verma says:

    Very Good Steps, Thank You.b

  • #Cozy says:

    What disk can I buy that just offer the Gliding Exercise?

  • Leyda Vazquez says:

    So I was wondering in following with the piyo workouts in Beachbody. Would you use these with all the piyo workouts? Including the ones these are not featured in?

  • Christine Lang says:

    OUTSTANDING!!!!! Thank you so very much for sharing. 💖

  • Paula Gabay says:

    You make them look so easy

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