One of the Greatest Speeches Ever | Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos's Life Changing Advice (Must Watch!!) The $160 billion dollar man share's his greatest advice with you.

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Jeff Bezos

Bezos is the CEO and Chairman of Amazon and the richest person alive (2018)

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Cameron Long

  • Nqoba Zibuko says:

    You can be an expert but also keep a beginner’s mentality, I like that very much! 💪

  • MotivationHub says:

    “If you can’t tolerate critics, don’t do anything new or interesting. Work hard, have fun and make history.” – Jeff Bezos

  • Calvin Raab says:

    “We let our intellectual selves overrule those passions” Very well said it is ok to take risks and do things that others see as crazy!

  • Da7me H says:

    “Be proud of not your gifts but of your hard work and your choices”
    Jeff Bezos

  • dan3nad says:


  • visho89 says:

    I watched this about 10 times just to be able to grasp all the wealth of knowledge in this video. Jeff is very talkative and he moves fast so had to rewind and watch it multiple times and it was worth every minute

  • The Finance Focus says:

    It always feels good to hear stuff like this. It keeps us going especially with what the new normal is like. we move…

  • God is good all the time. Live. says:

    Thank you so much Sir for this valuable advice. I also thank you for providing me and such youths jobs in your company. I’m very inspired and motivated by your speech. One day thinking of becoming an entrepreneur like you.

  • BehindTheScenes says:

    wise words from a man that’s been through it

  • B T says:

    This guy is a living proof of consistency and true definition of never give up

    • Hugh Mungus says:

      no. The definition of greed who uses philanthropy as a means to buy a reputation.

    • Hugh Mungus says:

      @B T His lust for money will never be enough to fill the gaping hole in his heart for refusing to help those who need it the most. His money can’t buy back his soul.

    • SUCHIT APAGE says:

      @Hugh Mungus It’s his money.
      Funny that people like you are so self entitled that you think world owes you something.

  • Francisco Sanchez Molina says:

    This was truly a great and inspiring compilation, thank you.

  • Aman Verma says:

    I have lots of respect for this person and it’s not because he is rich but because i have listened him a lot ❤️

  • To Finally Live says:

    I have been practicing an intentional life, and it’s truly life changing.

  • Maverick M says:

    Kudos to Jeff!! Great life changing advice. Really appreciate!

  • Allan Joseph says:

    I’m starting to like this guy. He has a genuine tone and reminds me of local successful peers where I grew up.

  • Craftalot says:

    Keep keeping us ahead Jeff…. You are priceless

  • Melinda Longoria says:

    I love the part about thinking about yourself as 80 and look back on your life so that you don’t have any regrets. Make sure that you plan ahead so that you are ultimately satisfied with the decisions that you have made.

  • Lightning_闪电 says:

    I luv how blissfully calm he is while sharing such relevant knowledge. Mr CEO, entrepreneur, born in 1964

  • Boss Consulting says:

    This video is life changing. I’m now motivated to pursue my passion as a developer more than ever. Jeff Bezos is a living proof that all processes have rough roads (he mentioned about a lot of failures) but if you continue to work hard for it and be smart enough to embrace failure and learn from it, all of it will be worth it in the end.

  • Strategic Domain Invest says:

    Jeff Bezos’s wisdom is invaluable! He emphasizes the importance of finding your passion, taking bold bets, and being flexible. His advice on embracing failure, working hard, and taking a long-term view is truly inspiring. A must-watch for anyone looking for life-changing advice! 💡🚀

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