How To Stop Wasting Time (Secrets of the Most Productive People)

insulin resistance, diabetes, blood sugar, weight loss

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0:00 My Latest Struggle
0:25 How To Stop Wasting Time
1:09 STOP Doing This
2:07 START Doing This
3:04 AD |
5:14 STOP Doing This
6:53 START Doing This
9:12 STOP Doing This
11:02 START Doing This
12:28 STOP Doing This

Cameron Long

  • @AmyTV says:

    Ah! So happy to be back! Who’s ready for some time-saving advice?! Which tip did you need the most today? ⬇

    • @true05angel says:

      The attention tip definitely hit me in the forehead! Especially since I have ADHD my attention feels finite! So when I do have the energy and attention capacity I have to dole it out to the most important tasks before my brain is done. I definitely appreciate the kick in the butt! ❤❤

    • @polyglotmona says:

      I needed the reminder of Parkinson’s 👍

    • @samdanieljabaselvan3852 says:

      Tips to know about How to Effectively work in Office and Motivated to complete the task?

  • @sarahrettell88 says:

    Yes I was wondering Oooooo Baby Time??? Haha Hugs 💜❤️

  • @tumenteinquieta says:

    I love your videos, I have been following you for many years.😊❤

  • @nevaehbright2693 says:

    I love this video ❤

  • @sarahrettell88 says:

    Assuming we are going to run out of time has been my Biggest peg in my board. It has made such a difference and has been very desirable by my bosses and clients 💎

  • @Getebiikwe79 says:

    You’re amazing and beautiful! Thank you for these simple ideas. As a single mother and writer, I appreciate that these tips makes our work not so daunting!

  • @mommybreakdown says:

    “You are doing the best you can.” Thank you <3

  • @MrsThollo says:

    Got this notification while reading research for a literature review. Lol Don’t worry: I’m watching during a coffee break.😂😂😂

    Edit: I AM that person that says Beyoncè has the same amount of time in a day. 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • @polyglotmona says:

    I’m happy you’re fine, Thank you for sharing this useful content. I only watch/ listen to productivity videos when I’m eating, driving or falling asleep, so that’s not wasting time, but I began to read in the evenings, too. I don’t like AI voices, I have real people recording the audios I need. When I read something, I take notes to be transformed into ebooks and videos later. I fear I don’t lose time by being at events or parties or helping people but it takes centuries I have the feeling to produce content.

  • @laurenkil says:

    Also I’m glad you’re ok! ❤

  • @LilCraftyNook says:

    I soooo needed this!! Thank you! (Just about the time I felt like I was the only one!😂)

    So glad you’re fine!!❤

  • @user-wl6wu4fv4n says:

    Absolutely a great video, thanks Amy.🎉❤

  • @suzisaintjames says:

    Does your newsletter have an audio feature so I can listen to it? 💖🌞🌵😷

  • @bumblebee_mrs says:

    I just wanted to say Amy that even though you went to the ER, you look radiant on your second pregnancy. You have that glow.❤❤

  • @Rai85949 says:

    Miss you Amy from the Philippines

  • @Rai85949 says:

    ang gandang buntis 🙂

  • @nida1990 says:

    I feel attacked for watching this video to get away from my real work 😂

  • @Elvira_Berzina says:

    I can’t find it on the App Store. Is it available for us in the UK? :”)

  • @sassywitslive says:

    You had me in that 1st hack! 🤓

  • @emileebeachy6841 says:

    Thank you Amy!

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