How to Get Out of Jury Duty (Things Not To Say)

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Cameron Long

  • Pianoman 70s style says:

    I was shocked. I just told the judge I was scheduled for chemotherapy at the end of the week, which was absolutely true, and the judge said OK you’re free to go. They never asked me to prove it to them. I was ready to do so, but they never asked.
    I’m not saying this to encourage fraud, but I was just really shocked that they took me at my word.

    • idovbnc says:

      I’m guessing they either called to check or randomly check people.

    • Christian kathryn Grimes says:

      i pray your health is doing better now

    • Libertatem Pugnator says:

      Seeing as this comment is 4 years old, i hope you made it through ok

    • Jake Ryan says:

      Hope you are doing okay. They weren’t going to check. From the judges point of view, either you were telling the truth, in which it most definitely was a good reason not be a juror, or you were willing to lie to the judge, telling the judge what would be a pretty horrible like to get out of jury duty, in which case they wouldn’t want you on the jury anyways.

    • Simon Cow says:

      Was your head completely shaved? Because if so then it wouldn’t be so hard for the judge to believe that.

  • TheLongjohntim says:

    I like you and your attitude towards jury duty, could not agree more! Just finished my jury duty. A three day murder trial, glad I did it. it was a rough one. a very young child. don’t really know if he did it but the state failed to prove their case. I stand by our verdict. Thank you for doing you duty!

  • Brad K says:

    I kind of enjoyed the jury selection process. because it was as entertaining a Charlene said…bit then when they called me, I was so nervous, I actually broke down in front of everyone. It was SO embarrassing, and I had to fight like crazy to control myself. Needless to say, I was dismissed.

  • Travis says:

    Went to Jury Duty for the first time ever, and I couldn’t believe the amount of bad excuses I had to sit and listen to. The first day they had us sign, and answer a paper that basically asked us based on the case we were to be on if we could judge the trial fairly, and without bias. So I’d say 60% of the 300 people were dismissed by the judge after he looked through all the papers. He then told us that weren’t dismissed to come back the next day for the jury interviews. To be honest the first 12 jurors were picked pretty fast, but then they had to select the 3 alternates that were to serve on the jury, and that’s what things got stupid. Person after person went up there to get interviewed to be an alternate juror, and each one of them said they would be biased, and that they would not judge the defendant fairly. This went on for several hours, and even though I was almost the last one as far as juror numbers, and thus not likely to get called up, I almost did. So yeah its just mind blowing to see how people act when faced with actually having to serve as a juror. Don’t get me wrong I didn’t want to serve, but if I had to I had to. I just wish the judge would have called those people out for signing a paper knowing what the trial was going to be about saying they wouldn’t be bias, and the very next day saying they would absolutely be bias.

  • Rebecca says:

    I had jury duty last week. They wound up settling the case on the bench, so there was no court case and we were all dismissed.
    Funny story though: one year, my friend’s father had jury duty on October 31, so he thought it would be funny to show up in a Halloween costume. He dressed as a clown, and was immediately dismissed!

  • K V says:

    One thing to think about is: If you find yourself in court for what ever reason, how would you feel facing a jury of your peers who couldn’t get out of jury duty.

  • Ben Good says:

    I don’t appreciate the compulsion behind jury duty at all. Leave me the hell alone, government.

  • Voluntarily Committed says:

    I’m 47 years old and got called for jury duty one time. I’m a dental hygienist, and my boss wrote a letter explaining how I was the sole provider in the practice and that with me not there, it would have a negative effect on not only the practice, but that the practice would essentially be ‘shut down’ for the time I’d be missing work. Also, with ZERO paid time off, it would’ve created a financial hardship…I was dismissed by letter and didn’t even have to show up.

    • Laughing Wizzy says:

      Who can do the letter? Just Incase i get it again…….I had one and showed up after six long hours of waiting I told the judge I was the head household and that if I missed work days it would affect me financially and just like that I was on my way home. I was annoyed that I had to show up to wait 6 hours I didn’t know somebody else can do a letter for you.

    • joe suprunowski says:

      Hahahahaha wow, with the money y’all make, you can afford to take some time off

  • tamara muomua says:

    I got my first jury duty slip sent to me a couple weeks ago and I was too late to postpone it since the courthouse isn’t that close to me. I mean I can still commute over there, and I actually have good reasons to why I can’t serve in the jury. I’m still surprised that I was sent a jury duty slip while all my older siblings have never been summoned!!

  • Zebra Pleco says:

    It should be voluntary because people that don’t want to be there can’t be reliably expected to be impartial and not just in a rush to get it over with.

  • cartoonygothica says:

    I recently got called to jury duty this year and tried to request an excuse twice, only for my request to be denied both times. As a dependent who can’t drive and doesn’t have much of an income, it’s difficult for me to afford public transportation. My immediate family usually goes to work in the morning. I have only a partial understanding of the world, let alone the judicial system. I’m not prepared to take a side on a case and explain my reasons why. Even if I could physically show up to court on time, I struggle with understanding instructions, and my ability to be reasonable and sociable is almost nonexistent in the morning. I wouldn’t be able to stay awake in the courtroom, because I often fall asleep in the daytime, especially when I wake up very early. I’m often nonverbal; I have difficulty speaking more than a few words. I haven’t been diagnosed with any debilitating medical condition, but I did manage to move jury duty to December. I get that the government needs citizens to make up a jury, but forcing someone who still needs a lot of help from family to come is not the best idea.

  • Dan Clark says:

    Another statement I made was how people are selected. In my travel through life, more of unstable people I come across. I had a neighbor that has schizophrenia. Yet she voted and drove! Who would want someone like that on a jury for deciding your fate? But most are not that unstsble, just enough to be worried of one or more whack jobs as jury. That this way of sending summons out to anyone that has a drivers license and registered to vote is scary to me. Maybe some competency test be done first.

  • Vanessa Bayardo says:

    I have never ever won any raffles, ever, but God forbid it’s time for jury duty because I always get chosen through their so called randomized selection.

  • Sara Makes Art says:

    Honestly, if I was one of the attorneys and someone was trying this hard to get out of jury duty, I would give them their wish, because they’re showing that they’d be crap jurors.

  • Hondasan 65 says:

    Sometimes the Judge will make you feel bad for saying the truth in front of the other jurors as well. They asked me if I could be fair and unbiased and I said that working as a Correctional Officer for many years gave me the belief that those arrested were more likely guilty than not. They then put me on the spot and said that I did not know the defendant, and if I was saying he was guilty. I said I did not know them, but based on my experience I thought that it was more likely than not that they were. Some jurors gave me dirty looks, but I was keeping it real. Which is one of the reasons I hate jury duty, There are a lot of folks out there that fall in to peer pressure and will not say what they really feel. I believe that defendants should get a fair and unbiased trial…which is why I told the truth. I wouldn’t have a problem with doing a civil court hearing…just not criminal because I feel the majority of the ones I’ve interacted with were guilty of the crimes they allegedly committed.

  • TheyFramedMe says:

    How to get out of jury duty forever:

    When you get your Summons, fill out the required info and write “I would not be a fair and unbiased juror based on my personal beliefs, regardless of evidence presented I would vote not guilty, unless the defendant is a cop or gov official,then my vote would be guilty regardless of the evidence, this would be unfair for both the prosecution and defense in this case and for that reason I would only hinder this case.

    Not only would be dismissed from this case you would be removed from all jury summons forever.

    Beat the system 101. CV

    • Lucky7Nico says:

      Thank u im definitely gonna try this. I been summoned 6 times already. And today I got one being the 6th one. I am not looking forward to this

    • JP says:

      @Lucky7Nico Did it work for you?

    • Jay says:

      Where do I fill this info in? When I get to the court ? It doesn’t have a site or place to put info on the card that came

    • TheyFramedMe says:

      You will be sent a jury summons in the mail, usually it’s just a large card, sometimes a letter. That summons will provide you with either a website or an address to go register with.

      There will be a form you have to fill out (online or in person) and it will ask you something along the line of (do you think you could be fair and/or unbiased, if no pls explain or is there anything that would prevent you from being an effective juror).

      That’s where you fill out that info, only feel out that info if you are in the mindset of those specific views and/or carry that belief.

    • Theresa ʚ♡ɞ says:

      I hope this works because i got a summons letter last week last week. I got one earlier this summer (i’ve only ever gotten a summones one other time it was a little post card and when i called then i told them i didn’t drive because i don’t) so when i got the letter over this past summer it wanted me to go online to fill out this questionarie i ignored that then i got sent another paper and i did write it and was going to send it but then i decided to call the number that was on the ltter the jury mamnger office…and so this lady answered and i wish you could have heard her tone the way she was like well you have to go online and fill it out as if i was dumb. I explained to her that I don’t have a job or drive and she was like there’s public transportantion and people take ubers all the time and she said well YOU HAVE TO SERVE i am putting you down for Nov 15th …where i live there is no public transportantion and i have never taken a uber and i still don’t have a job so i don’t have money to afford for it anyway and right now everything has gone up so much (cause of the shipment container crises we’re having) i don’t really understand jury duty and i do not want to do it i don’t even understand the court system or anything it honestly is upsetting to me and has been giving me stress and axienty and that woman has scared me….i’m pretty sure she is the the jury mananger as on the summons letter since it does say her name is Karen so there is no way i will call back

  • John Armon says:

    The easiest way to get out of jury duty is simply to indicate that you don’t believe in the Justice system and are biased against it. Tell them that you will either (pick one!):
    A) Convict on all charges regardless of the evidence, or,
    B) Choose Not Guilty on all charges regardless if the evidence.

    It’s that easy! I’ve done it several times!

    You can think of some stories you’ve heard of, or actual events in your life that support your view.

    You can even say something like, “My sister was screwed over by the legal system, and I’ve been waiting for this day to get back at the system.”, or, you could say, “I think all criminals should be sent to jail for life, no matter how weak the evidence is.”


    Good luck!

  • John Wayne says:

    I’m starting to think the reason there’s so many people in prison is because of this jury system that pisses people off.

  • Hussein Jimale says:

    This should be voluntary, if a person doesn’t want to do this they shouldn’t have to…end of story

    • RONEFFECT says:


    • The Wonderful World of Awesomeness says:

      Nobody wants to do this. Well, I should actually say, nobody sane wants to do this. The people that would volunteer to do this are the people who think they’re smarter than they are, the people who think they’re able to see who is or isn’t guilty just by getting a “vibe” etc. You don’t want those people on a jury. You want the people who don’t want to be there.

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