How Successful People Prioritize Their To Do List

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In this video, we're talking about what high-level prioritization looks like.


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0:00 Why Your Tasks Feel Overwhelming
4:09 AD
5:09 The Eisenhower Matrix
8:47 Prioritization Tips For Success
15:14 Network With Me

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    I’m usually very reluctant re: the Eisenhower matrix because I’ve never been able to see how it applies to my life. You sold me when you spoke me about looking at tasks as bigger than you – going to try and organise my mega task list now (and hopefully lighten my mindset about everything I “have” to do)!!!

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    This works in my life – project management of two building projects my husband and I are working on. He has his skill set and I have mine, this matrix then shows me who is actually doing that job, and where the priorities are.

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