Figure Out What You Want (& What To Do About It Right Now)

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Today we're using a writing exercise shared by  @timferriss on his YouTube channel. I love this idea for expanding your mind about the small steps you can take to work toward your goals every single day!





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365 Days of Good Morning Good Life; Daily Reflections to Help You Go After the Life You Want

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00:00 That's So Unrealistic!
00:34 Inspo by Tim Ferriss
00:56 Figure Out What You Want
01:36 Unrealistic Goals Writing Exercise
02:51 What To HAVE
03:39 Who To BE
04:22 What To DO
06:05 Next Steps…
07:13 How To HAVE
09:12 How To BE
11:43 How To DO
14:59 New Mantra!

Cameron Long

  • Tokka Sjöberg says:

    This video is 15mins long and I genuinely didn’t notice the time like I was way too focused to actually care and I usually do care about video timing! THAT is how much I love and enjoy your videos ♥️♥️♥️

  • Luxuberry Español says:

    Amazing. Thank you for sharing! The only thing for the other viewers: always keep your goals/manifestation positive. E.G instead of “debt free” put “All my bills are always paid off in full” That way “debt” don’t stay in your subconscious mind.

  • CrisTryingToBeProductive says:

    I find this new style so fun to watch and I’m getting your message clearer than ever. Thanks Amy.

  • World According To Briggs says:

    I started watching this channel around 5 or 6 years ago. I think the video was about vlogging work flow. At the time I had less than 1000 subs. I got a lot of good advice from this channel even though I’m really not the normal demographic for this channel. Flash forward to today, I have 1 million subs on this channel, 50k on my second channel, and 30k on 3rd. I have 6 employees and haven’t had a straight job in 4 years. Thanks for the help along the way.

  • Julie Sieron says:

    I have been striving to keep my Sundays focused on three things – my faith, my family and my future, and making sure the media I consume on those days is also aligned with those intentions. Love that I am able to enjoy your videos the day they come out and having them positively contribute to my focus for the day. 🎉

    • Katrina Brown says:

      Heeey I do that too!

    • fashionscentts says:

      ❤ Same, same! There is this verse I’ve been using: Luke 21:34 “And take heed to yourselves, lest at any time your hearts be overcharged with surfeiting, and drunkenness, and cares of this life, and so that day come upon you unawares.” The cares of this life can take our focus off God so quickly. It doesn’t mean be negligent with our responsibilities, but we can give too much thought to them rather than entrusting our care to God.

  • Liana says:

    Thank you for this. I can’t help but wonder… why is life such a complicated struggle? My grandma lived without need for so much strategizing. All of her friends, same. Simple but rewarding lives with their own homes and enough income to be comfortable. It’s so hard now, with households needing multiple jobs and side hustles. Why?? Who decided it should be this way?? And why is corruption so rampant? The wrong people have had too much power over us.

    • Grace Martin says:

      The past was not perfect. Corruption was far more rampant in my grandparents’ day. Back then, there were few unions and men worked 80 hour weeks at hard, dangerous jobs and barely made enough to live on. Women worked hard at home all day long.

      They strategized like you wouldn’t believe. They counted every penny and worried about paying bills. They worried about having enough food for the children. They worried about the children dying from snakebite because there was no way to get to town for medical care. They worried about the drifters who passed through the stations looking for work or something to steal.

      When my father joined the Army in WW2, they gave him a duffel bag for his possessions. He didn’t have anything to put in it, so he just folded it flat. He had never slept in a bed in his life. He had never even heard music or seen a telephone.

      Life was hard in the past. It wasn’t as easy and simple as it seems from a distance. And there have always been people who were more privileged, as there are today. The average person today is far more privileged than 99% of humanity through history, especially women.

      We are so lucky today that so many of us can make choices about what we want in life, and go after those goals. Living a simple, happy life is an amazing goal. What would it take for you? What would it look like in practice? What sacrifices would it entail and are you willing to make them? I wish you every happiness and success.

    • T Hurst says:

      Liana….I agree with the comment below. They had much smaller houses, a lot less stuff to put in those houses to manage, smaller closets, 1 family car, etc. Almost nothing was disposable, eating out was rare, kids wore hand me downs as a normal way of life, and young children worked in whatever way was appropriate to help the family. Their stress was just different than ours. My grandparents didn’t have air conditioning, worked 2 jobs (yes both had a side hustle), and raised 3 kids in a 2 bedroom house. You can be rich by making more or wanting less. I choose to want less…makes me happier and less stressed. The “Joneses” are always in debt….

    • Tnijo O says:

      You can have that if you cut stuff out. Keep your living expenses low. Move into a smaller place. Lower your heating bills. Don’t buy anything your grandma wouldn’t have bought. Save your money. You won’t need a side hustle. You’ll have plenty of money saved in no time.

      And if you feel unmotivated to live this way, you could just decide to live in a way that’s better for the planet and you’ll most likely accomplish the same thing.

    • Tnijo O says:

      Another tip: don’t buy new cars!!! Huge waste of money. Buy used cars and take care of them like your grandparents would have. And don’t finance them. Save money. Buy them outright.

    • fashionscentts says:

      1. As others have said, people lived simpler: within their means, less materialistic, and without social media telling us what we should want/need/do.
      2. There is nothing new under the sun…political corruption has always been around in some way or another.
      3. More openly believed in God. His way is so much better than ours.

  • Whitney Walker says:

    I love this because there is action to everything. One of my big setbacks is I am good at making lists but not executing them. I love that this is slow and steady means to big changes.

  • Amanda Torres, REALTOR® says:

    Hey Amy!! I’m loving these videos you’re putting out lately!! You’re hard work is much appreciated!!!!

  • Swann C. says:

    I’m currently unemployed and looking for a job, I feel anxious all the time. Yesterday I discovered your channel, I grabbed the journal and started brainstorming. Gotta say this is helpful for my anxiety, not only push me to be more eager about finding a new job, but also help me figure out every step which it’s used to be a mess inside my head. I feel like I can do so much more. Thanks for making these awesome videos!

  • Erin Tannehill - Email Marketing Strategist says:

    Super helpful video! Breaking these down like this actually doesn’t seem as overwhelming as I thought it would. Also, totally subscribed to help you get one person closer to your 500k goal! 🙂

  • Serenity Trevino says:

    Dang, Amy. You wrote my list for me! 🤣 Love this video. It’s inspiring. 💚

  • Lana Kalman says:

    I love how you shared in the beginning about thinking what you don’t want. A lot of times, sadly, people are not clear with their goals and what they want. So taking what you don’t want, really helps to see what you actually want! Great job! Love your content❤

  • 19Tomma93 says:

    Hi Amy, I love this idea! Saved the video to review it every six months to define my road map. ✨ This is so valuable for people like me that tend to get stuck mid-year on the yearly goals setted at the beginning of the year. This strategy applied after a 6 month review will surelly sprint me up! Thank you so much to you and Tim Ferris for this brilliant ideas! 💛

  • Krissta Love says:

    Just want to say thank you so much , your videos , explanations and wisdom is awesome! You are spreading a lot of great light and helping so many. I really love these ideas and writing these habits and goals, breaking them down into smaller sections is so helpful. Keep shining beautiful!!! Have a blessed day xxxx

  • Giulia Petrella says:

    Wow! This is EXACTLY what I needed right now, thanks a million, Amy! 💖

  • User says:

    This is the first YouTube I have ever seen on this platform where a content creator made a video on realistic, actual steps on how to set and achieve goals. Everyone else either talks and doesn’t SHOW what or how to do it. Thank you so much for this video.

  • Jada Michelle says:

    Girly, this is perfect. I love how you broke everything down making the “unrealistic” feel so much easier to accomplish!

  • cloveskiwis says:

    Yes, “have, be do” are great and all that but what has helped improve my life tremendously is asking myself how I want to FEEL and go from there. This puts everything else in perspective, because it takes the impulsivity out of it – e.g., wanting things just for the sake of having them now turns into wanting things with the aim of improving life quality and therefore making me feel good

  • Stephanie Romer says:

    My goals are to be excellent and to be the best. 👍🏻 That 100 million question is actually something I have asked myself and known in the past. I would DEFINITELY not just “live it up” —note the quotes. My “live it up” would be to organize my library and become a center of human advancement and development of the human soul. As a writer and artist. Every time I go down in the consciousness bathysphere and begin really working on this and feeling it, I have to go stack boxes to survive in my job. I don’t even have a home. But I have an 160 IQ, and I’m extremely authentically creative. So I would bloom like the frickin big bang. ❤

  • judy conte says:

    I’m working on a to-do list of my own everyday.Just looking at my own list never mind the possibility of a list like this is completely overwhelming, daunting and depressing. Who has time to do all those little things every day even if they only take a few minutes. Life is overwhelming as it is. I say pick out the one most important thing and work with laser focus on that thing and that thing alone. Once you’ve reached that goal you can move on to the next thing but combining them like this divides your attention so much that you’ll never get any of them done unless you’re an exceedingly high achiever which most people are not.

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