Fast vs. Slow Carbs – Why it Matters – It’s the insulin | Jason Fung

insulin resistance, diabetes, blood sugar, weight loss

Carbohydrates are not all the same. There are important differences that impact weight loss. Ever wondered why some carbs make you gain weight faster than others? I’m here to break it down for you.

In this video, we'll explore:

Fast Carbs vs. Slow Carbs – Discover why not all carbs are created equal.
Calories vs. Hormones – Learn why 100 calories of cookies isn't the same as 100 calories of broccoli.
Insulin and Weight Gain – Understand how insulin drives weight gain.
Glycemic Index – Find out how different carbs affect your blood sugar levels.
Impact on Hunger – See why certain foods make you hungrier throughout the day.
Healthy Breakfast Choices – Get tips on what to eat to stay full longer.
We'll also discuss real studies showing how different types of breakfast can influence your hunger and calorie intake for the rest of the day.

Whether you're trying to lose weight or just want to make healthier food choices, this video is packed with simple, easy-to-understand information that can help you achieve your goals.

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▶️ Timestamps/Chapters
0:00 Intro
00:23 Weight loss is about Calories
01:19 Weight loss is about Carbs
01:40 Different carbs affect insulin differently
01:50 Fast vs slow carbs
04:29 Area under curve (AUC)
08:03 The problem is the hunger not the calories
08:17 Control the hunger not the calories
08:03 Outro

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Cameron Long

  • @auroraborealis5565 says:

    105kg -> 85kg because of OMAD. I owe it all to Jason Fung. Thank you, mate!

    • @arymhansie says:

      How long did it take you?

    • @auroraborealis5565 says:

      @@arymhansie about 4 months! My choice of food at times was super questionable also (KFC/cereal). Now I’m learning weight and hunger can be further modulated SIGNIFICANTLY by the concepts summed up in this video. (Edit: I think it was 4 months? Maybe started around Feb)

    • @auroraborealis5565 says:

      @@arymhansie oh and I will add that during that period, I was super sedintary (studying IT). But so long as I kept eating window to 1 hour, the weight just kept coming off. My partner is very jealous 🤣🤣🤣

  • @DavidTron63 says:

    I just remembered why I need to be reminded of these simple truths every day. Dr Fung is one of, if not the best on this subject.

  • @NotAnEvilPersian says:

    I think you’ve single handedly helped more people than the whole medical establishment everywhere has done!

  • @AhmedAdly11 says:

    A1C : 14 – A1C: 5.6

    Thank you Dr. Fung. You literally saved my life all the way from Canada!

  • @arokiyacolley5754 says:

    Who else likes 👍 Dr Fung’s video before listening to the entire content? ME! 👏👍👍👍

  • @patmuscarella8279 says:

    I do so enjoy your channel. It is going to become my way of learning how food affects my body. Thank u so much.

  • @CarbageMan says:

    It’s interesting how little difference steel-cut oats make. I’ve seen tests with white vs wheat bread too. I simply gave up the grains and never looked back. No sugar, no grains, no seed oils, minimal starches (like squash.)

  • @laurum1318 says:

    Jillian Michaels and Weight Watchers do not approve this message 😂

    • @michellewelch6013 says:

      Biggest Loser isnt much of a fan either! 😂❤

    • @micks336 says:

      They yelled at me at Weight Watchers for not losing weight with their points system. I have pcos which makes low calorie diets impossible to lose. I never handed them another 20 dollar bill ever again. I hate WW.

    • @normalopez2856 says:

      It’s ok they themselves aren’t much approved!

  • @clohanmom says:

    For me, it all started with Dr. Fung approximately 6 years ago. Today, I eat one big meal a day, most days of the week. At 55, I weight less than when I was a teen. I’m in the best shape of my life and full of energy.

  • @michellewelch6013 says:

    Makes so much sense. I am so grateful for your willingness to teach these facts. Heartfelt thanks!

  • @micks336 says:

    I lost a 100lbs five years ago. I decided to test the theory and I ate pizza, donuts, rockets, KD, burritos, Doritos. Usually in my recommended calorie range. I put back on 45lbs. As of the beginning of the year I went back on Keto and I have lost 35lbs with much ease. I did get the flu which helped me lose ten pounds.😂

  • @user-wi3ob8ss1c says:

    Dr. Fung has changed my life. Went from 221 lbs. to 130 lbs. In 10 months following his advice. 😊

    • @JohnsonNestorFamily says:

      Yes! Congratulations 🎉👏

    • @GenRN says:

      That is incredible!!! I’m hoping for the same. Highest weight 277 lbs. now 244 lbs. I would love 130 lbs. Any advice?

    • @JohnsonNestorFamily says:

      @@GenRN Forgive me for jumping in on the post but I’m 61 and lost 160lbs by eating healthy keto and learning how to fast! I would recommend reading Dr Fung’s book The Obesity Code. It changed my life 👍
      You can see my story on The Magic of Fasting YouTube channel 😃.
      You can do this! I’m loving my fasting lifestyle 🥰. Good luck and be well 😊🙏

  • @PA-sb2jp says:

    This is the best explanation I have ever heard. Thank you.

  • @2brntb says:

    Dr. JF is one of my few favorite doctors and he’s leading in Intermittent fasting, hormones, and diabetics related issues.

  • @deplorableb.r.4211 says:

    Thank you, Dr. Fung. You saved my life. Went from 252lbs to 203lbs, reversed my diabetes, off blood pressure medicine, and bloodwork improved dramatically.

  • @Jacquie_Kirk_111 says:

    This doctor is a genius and is brave for stating the TRUTH.

  • @tjjm1907 says:

    I watched my first Dr. Fung video on 1/6/24. I bought his book on diabetes and the results so far have been wonderful. I weighed 265 lbs. on 1/6. Today, 6/13, I weigh 212. I have been off of insulin since February and Metformin soon after. Everything is better. My blood sugar, my energy and I get around much better. My goal is 190 and the OMAD has been pretty simple and easy. I highly recommend this change to anyone who is overweight.

  • @iss8504 says:

    Jason means healer in greek. Parents named him well.

  • @unclegeorge7845 says:

    I’m learning to rejoice in the feeling of hunger. Hunger should be interpreted as a good feeling that should be prolonged and enjoyed as your body is telling you “Thank you” for not eating so much and giving your Gi a chance to self clean and heal up any problems while they’re still minor.

  • @annegranger6667 says:

    Thank you Dr. Fung. Your science just answered a puzzling question I had for more than 10 years. That’s when I decided to improve my eating habits and include breakfast which I rarely ever ate. Instant Oatmeal was quick to prepare and my breakfast of choice. To my surprise I found myself getting hungry by 10 am which never happened when I wasn’t eating anything before. By the time I went to lunch at about 11:30 I was always ravenous and felt like I could eat a horse. Also, the intense hunger made it more difficult for me to concentrate and I found myself making more mistakes in my work. Gave it up after about a month. 5 years ago, after a terrible visit to my Dr. I started Keto. Lost 50 pounds and kept it off without breakfast or hunger. Thank you Dr. Fung and Dr. Westman. At 65 I feel better than I did in my 30’s.

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