The Quickest, Most Universal Method that Brings T1 and T2 Diabetics into Normal Blood Sugar.

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Dennis Pollock interviews Peter Van der Plas, a type one diabetic, who shares the fantastic program that not only helps type one diabetics, but type 2's as well, to bring their glucose to near-normal levels.

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Cameron Long

  • @trujustice8628 says:

    Diabetics change over time. I was the kind that requires close attention. Lately since my mode of transportation is walking everywhere I have more of a low sugar problem. So it requires regular checks because normally I am never hungry. So it is a challege. Love your channel and have learned so much. Self testing lets you know what works with you. Cause everyone is different. Life is a tweek.

  • @carolcole570 says:

    Dennis, good morning ! This week has been one of experimenting and full of nice surprises for me. My daughter made a huge pot of Shrimp Creole for the family. Having heard folks talk about resistant starch, I chose to experiment. The first evening of eating the rice after just being cooked, my blood sugar went thru the roof, which terrified me ! A couple days later after the leftover rice had been refrigerated, I ate the exact same amount and ohhhhh what a difference ! I had enough left over to eat it one more time. I did and AGAIN, my blood sugar was GREATLY lowered . I only wish I knew how I could eat the rice ( or potatoes ) occasionally at restaurants and have it be resistant starch, but this is too much to expect of restaurants…….” Refrigerate it for that dingbat lady overnight, and drag it out when she comes thru the restaurant door “……….nah, they’d never do that for me ! LOL. Anyway, eating rice and having my blood sugar so nicely low was a blessing for me this week.

  • @DutchCarnivore says:

    Dennis, thank you very much again. I like how you broke down our talk in multiple pieces and huge compliments again on the excellent commentary. I hope this provides strength and inspiration for others to beat diabetes. Every diabetic deserves to lead a normal life!

  • @suetsnbjj2853 says:

    Dennis, your work here is incredible. Thank you!🙏🏻

  • @ellen9579 says:

    “I’m living a normal life and that’s a big thing!” Thank you, Peter, for sharing your story with us. Your tenacity, consistency and pursuit to understand a solution to your medical issues is to be admired and quite inspirational!!!

  • @friesenwayne5320 says:

    This works people. I’m living proof

  • @glasswinder says:

    Thank you Dennis for all of the time and information you have shared, you are a big inspiration in my life.

  • @mountainman.4478 says:

    I’ve said it before. This is one of the best channels on youtube. Dennis, my grandma’s health just keeps getting better. In her late 90s here cardiovascular and eye sight completely turned around. And improved.
    One thing on here bucket list is to meet you and your wife. My wife and I are going to take two months off from work and travel the United States in a new camper van we purchased for the trip. We will be in Texas sometime next month. granda said, “Would let you video and interview her for your channel. Her Dr’s, yes, I said Dr’s are open to an interview also. Simply to express the amazement in the positive transformation of her health. They want to see the interview with her, and then they will reach out to you.

  • @rosebailey3537 says:

    Wow great job Peter! 🎉 another great interview Dennis, thank you both so much!❤

  • @slugo915 says:

    Best channel imo for type 2 diabetes. Turned mine around also in 6 months. But now I’ve been running low. I just don’t have that hunger anymore and its great the weight I lost but now I must force myself to eat or I get the shakes and light headed. If i get below 80 i gotta eat something. My primary doctor is nuts, she wants me to start the metformin again. That will make it even worse. I need a new doctor. It’s like shes mad i got it under control.

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