Blood Sugar Test: Ezekiel Bread vs White Bread

In this blood sugar test Dennis Pollock and his wife Benedicta test the blood sugar-spiking properties of Ezekiel Bread as compared with white bread. Nearly everyone agrees that whole-grain bread is healthier for you than white bread. But what about their tendency to raise glucose levels? Is there that much of an advantage of whole wheat bread over white bread. In this video the mystery will be revealed.

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Cameron Long

  • sportsfuture says:

    Dennis, I’ve learned more from your videos than any doctor or nutritionist on blood sugar. And your wife brings the beauty and comic relief that makes your videos so unique. God bless you for these videos, keep’em coming!

  • James Kantor says:

    You are a great team. You compliment each other.
    Thank you for doing the 30 min, 1 hour, and two hour tests. It gave a lot insight.

  • Dennis Smith Jr. says:

    Amen sir, I have been on Keto for almost 2 years, lost over 100 lbs, go to the gym 6 days a week and have toned up. Doctor states I am no longer type 2 diabetic, my cholesterol levels are perfect. Diabetes is reversible, you just have to kick the sugar and carb habit. Nice video!

  • Dr. Sten Ekberg says:

    Good job Dennis. It is really hard to convince people that complex carbs are still just strings of sugar. Keep at it.

  • Howard Smoot says:

    Great video! I was wondering if you’ve ever done the same thing but with a true sourdough bread. I’ve recently started baking it from scratch, using a “sourdough” starter method, and was wondering if it is less “offensive” that other breads.

  • csmats says:

    Very interesting, useful information, thanks for that. The on-screen chemistry between you two is so charming. You’re like the Mythbusters of beating diabetes!

  • tcanada17 says:

    Agree … Based on glucose the bread didn’t make a difference but based on nutrition and digestion that’s where Ezekiel bread will shine. Staying fuller longer and being able to digest foods is more important than a temporary spike in sugar levels.

  • Mona Lee Scott says:

    Very informative tests. I have been testing foods using your steps and found my results to be helpful in making informed decisions. In my opinion your channel is a must watch for those people recently diagnosed with diabetes. Thank you to your lovely wife for joining your testing. A great comparison between normal and pre diabetic individuals.

  • Patrick G Henry says:

    The spike was going down much quicker than the white bread. I still feel the more natural bread would have been even lower had you checked at 3hrs or more. And as stated there are nutrients you are going to get with the Ezekiel bread verses the nutrient depleted white bread that are not part of your test.
    I appreciate the testing as far as giving us an idea as to what we can expect from the foods you eat as far as initial blood sugar spikes. However there is more to foods than there BLOOD sugar reactions as far as there health benefits.

    Nevertheless I really do enjoy your posts.

  • Surya says:

    After watching your videos, I have started testing my Dad for the foods which spike his sugar test every morning. This I learnt from your videos to test your own body to understand what’s good for your body and what’s not. Keep those videos coming. I am from India.

  • Blue Basset says:

    The Ezekiel Bread actually weighs more per slice because it’s denser, 34 grams per slice versus 28 for the Trader Joe’s White Bread. It would be interesting to see if the results would change at all if you weighed both breads on the food scale to make them exactly the same, and then measured the results based on that. Something I would be interested in seeing for future videos.

    • Nancy Jaynes says:

      Using Blue Bassett’s figures above, by my calculation the white bread is only 82% of the weight of the Ezekiel bread though, so could the almost 20% more portion have been considered in how much it spiked your blood sugar? Seems to me the white bread spiked your blood sugar 20% more than the Ezekiel bread and kept it elevated at two hours much more than 20%. Ezekiel bread is much tastier than white bread in my opinion if it is toasted. Given the option I will always choose Ezekiel bread over white bread but then again, I always toast it.

    • ReasoningTruth says:

      Who fighting insulin resistance will eat a half a sandwich using bread? If they are going to look the other way on that high of glucose blood level rise, why would they stop there and not just go ahead and eat the whole sandwich? But someone who fights insulin resistance with this mindset will be fighting insulin resistance for a very long time. Why not just look at bread as it is? Poisonous!

    • Jason Washburn says:

      Exactly that’s where the issue was

    • ReasoningTruth says:

      @Jason Washburn And this weight business, I’ll never understand. We know the glucose is very toxic to our health, so to me, it’s like contemplating, is 2 grams or 2.1 grams of cyanide deadly? Personally, I think my healthy body can do .5 grams once a week for months before I die! So let me go do it! LOL

  • 68Baby says:

    This is the same bread I’ve been eating thinking the same naïve way about wheat/sprouted breads. Thank you for putting this video together and what an eye opener for me! Enjoying your videos and both of you get me laughing all the time with your humor…luv it. Keep up the excellent work.
    Aloha from Hawaii

  • Frank Scarborough says:

    I love Ezekiel bread. It has so many other nutrients than other breads and is clearly more healthy

    • Nat McCallum says:

      Agree, it is about nutrition not just blood sugar. I think white bread taste like glue.

    • TexasStardust says:

      …..I started eating Ezekiel Bread MANY YEARS ago, 1985. It has changed and now is dry, dense and I don’t purchase it anymore, as much as loved this bread .

    • Butter Robot says:

      No it’s not.. A multi vitamin is far healthier without all that sugar

    • Nelly says:

      @TexasStardust do u buy different bread 🥖 now?

    • TexasStardust says:

      @Nelly ….yes, Canyon Gluten Free, and Trader Joe’s also makes a decent gluten free bread. 🙂
      Or, you can make your own, with gluten free types of flour, and some of the recipes are even ” no knead bread ” .

  • steven roper says:

    I think the benefits of Ezekiel bread go far beyond the glycemic index. EB doesn’t make you feel tired, it’s a more complete food and it will help your digestion instead of be-fouling it as most wheat bread will do.

  • Mireya CanoRomero says:

    I did some math and the difference is still pretty impressive if you ask me. I took the starting level (pre-meal) minus the 2 hour level: His wife was only up by 12 with the EZ bread vs up by 19 with the white bread. The Husband was up 27 with the EZ bread vs UP BY 55 with the White bread at the 2 hour mark. Seems that EZ bread is a much better choice. Not to mention it has fiber and it keeps you full longer! <3 God bless y'all!

    • BananaPhoPhilly says:

      Yeah the fiber is why I eat whole wheat bread. And I like bread, I’m not gonna stop eating it just cause I’ll maybe live another 2 years lol

    • Andre Wilson says:

      @BananaPhoPhilly Whole wheat would give a higher spike than EZ bread; different recipes and compositions…completely different type of bread sir. They all are no no’s if you are prediabetic or diabetic. And, such individuals would do themselves great benefit by avoiding ALL bread.

    • Radar says:

      Yeah, and the faster decline in glucose at 2 hr mark I believe shows Ezekiel bread is beginning to do its job in small intestine w microbiome SCFAs. This was also one test and missing out on the Long Term compounding benefits of good fiber for your gut.

    • Jaye Mc says:

      @Andre Wilson One thing about sprouted bread is that not only are you not eating dead grain (sprouted grains are alive when they are sprouted), once the grain is sprouted it becomes a plant. So you are not eating grain, you are eating plants, and the difference is huge when it comes to the glycemic scale. Once a grain sprouts the protein increases and the sugar levels in that grain drop dramatically.

  • Barney Google says:

    I occasionally buy the low sodium version of the Food For Life bread (o mg sodium) when it’s on sale (it’s very expensive.) Was surprised by your glucose test results. Very enlightening. Would be interested to see a comparison of white vs brown rice.

  • Bogie6588 says:

    Firstly, thanks for sharing this experiment with us. I like white bread a lot more than Ezekiel Bread or any of the other less processed breads. However, there’s so much more to the story than just glycemic response. Ezekiel Bread has no ultra-processed seed oils in it. These types of oils cause inflammation that leads to serious diseases. Also, his blood sugar was between 148-156 for an hour and a half with the white bread, while 123-149 with the Ezekiel Bread. It appears Ezekiel Bread would be the better choice in the long run. Regardless, for me, it’s best to stay away from all grains.

  • Jaye Mc says:

    One thing about sprouted bread is that not only are you not eating dead grain (sprouted grains are alive when they are sprouted), once the grain is sprouted it becomes a plant. So you are not eating grain, you are eating plants, and the difference is huge when it comes to the glycemic scale. Once a grain sprouts the protein increases and the sugar levels in that grain drop dramatically.

  • Samuel Coronel says:

    I like your feedback, it was eye opening in terms of blood sugar. Albeit small, the one big difference between any regular wheat or flour bread. The Ezekiel bread doesn’t use any seed oils in their products. Which I haven’t been able to find in any other bread product thus far.

  • Laz Hun says:

    Hello ! I ‘am also insulin resistant . My test with Ezekiel bread after eating 2 slices my sugar went up to 190 but when I made French toast 2 slices no spike at all. I just find it interesting.

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