To Reverse Diabetes: 2 Hurdles to Jump, 2 Weeks to Learn

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Dennis Pollock shares the simple but so very powerful steps to reversing diabetes.

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Cameron Long

  • @TheSkite575 says:

    Good morning from Minnesota Dennis
    Been trying to lose those last 10 pounds to get to 160 it’s tough, started at 300 8 years ago. Been enjoying the slim me at 64
    Thanks for all you do
    Though I’m not diabetic

    • @johanna6050 says:

      I hope Dr. Hallberg knew how much she was admired for her contribution to diabetes/obesity research.

  • @emcinc9654 says:

    Good morning everyone. Having my coffee and two eggs with 1/3 cp of egg whites. Then long drive to my doctors appointment at Sarasota, about 70 miles. Then we have chores to do around the house.

    • @njsongwriter says:

      Good morning from Pennsylvania. I had 4 eggs and 3 sausage patties. Then went on my 5,000 step walk and now I’m having my coffee.

  • @glasswinder says:

    Good morning from North Carolina 🎉🎉

  • @florismeng9282 says:

    The real reason that cells can not intake and use sugar, is because of mold and fungus biofilm, which cover the cells , as a prison. If you remove that , you woll never get insilin resistance❤

  • @jameskantor0459 says:

    @Dennie. Thank you for taking the time to discuss Sarah book in detail.
    It is an honor to Sarah. You book reviews are great.

  • @johnbrando8248 says:

    Dont recommend glucose meter instead a CGM it is more detailed

    • @darkl3ad3r says:

      I just spent the last 20 days wearing a Dexcom G7 and honestly, save for the spikes following a meal, the thing was never accurate vs a blood tester. Especially my fasting numbers were way off even after calibration. I say the blood meter is better for tracking the important points, ie – pre-meal, 1 hour post and 2 hours post. That’s really all you need to get a good idea of what’s going on. Everything beyond those 3 points is basically superfluous. CGM is expensive and hard to get with insurance if you’re not taking insulin.

  • @wjack4728 says:

    Thanks for your informative videos. I’m a type 2 diabetic, and I could always lower my blood sugar by lowering carbs, but for some reason that doesn’t work so good for me anymore. I can go for 3-4 days with just eating sardines and boiled eggs, and my blood sugar will not go below 200. Why this is I don’t know? Like you said, maybe my pancreas is not producing insulin like it should, but a couple of years ago my Doctor prescribed insulin injections, but those injections never lowered my blood sugar.

  • @1234blackbox says:

    Hello Sir could you also please talk about reversing metabolic syndrome as well.

  • @darkl3ad3r says:

    Hi Dennis. I saw the results you described while eating low carb, my fasting blood glucose was amazing, typically around 75-85mg/dl and eating things like eggs and butter would actually lower my blood glucose an hour later. Very interesting. But then I heard that it is fat itself that causes insulin resistance because it clogs up the insulin receptors in cells, preventing the sugar from reaching your cells. After ending keto carnivore, I found this to be true. Eating a lean chicken breast with white rice and teriyaki sauce meal, approx 1000 calories, after fasting for 23 hours, my blood sugar spiked to 176mg/dl and then took several hours to come back down to 120. After a couple weeks of eating this low fat moderate carb moderate protein meal, my numbers started coming down on their own. No more spikes to 176 and no more lingering aeound 120-140 hours later. I typically see a spike to 145 and then in an hour or two it’s back down to around 105-115. What are your thoughts on this?

  • @slugo915 says:

    Good morning Dennis. God bless you for continuing to help others🙏

    • @slugo915 says:

      I also just started eating more meat and I feel so much better. I’d like to go total carnivore but I just can’t, I like my salads and blackberries. I am still doing so good with my numbers and that old saying meats will give you a heart attack still scares me because it runs in my family. But my great grandfather lived to 93 and was a farmer and ate all the fat from the kids plates they cut off. Carbs and processed foods and the chemicals is what will get you.

  • @ElixeoFlores says:

    Of all these videos, which one would be the best one to watch with my diabetic friend to help convince him that he can improve his health and reverse his diabetes.

  • @Hilary70 says:

    Good morning from the Uk. Three months ago I discovered I was pre diabetic. What a shock. Always ate reasonable well, no processed foods but ate fruits, porridge and muesli etc. I’m not overweight, never have been and exercise each day. Since the diagnosis I completely cut all carbs and sugars. I’ve lost 10lbs so far but I really don’t want to loose anymore. Hoping I’ve reached a plateau. Feel good not eating carbs and sugar. I really don’t miss it. Got a glucose monitor and tested after each meal. I’m now determined to reverse this situation if I can. Will have a blood test in June. My glucose readings have been very good so far. Weekly average 5.2. Thank you so much for your videos, I’ve learnt a lot from you and other YouTubers.

  • @issacgenaroazuasr161 says:

    It’s about money my friend money money money dieing from being unhealthy is big business thank you for your video

  • @colleenbaptiste98 says:

    Dennis, good morning from Guyana and thank you as you continue to do the great work you’re doing ❤

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