You don’t need lots of money to trade stocks #shorts

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You Don't Need a lot of Money to Start Trading –

You can start investing even if you don't have a bunch of money.

Cameron Long

  • @abdulq8164 says:

    Looking forward to it

  • @haneagario8620 says:

    If your so confident in your program and the success of the people within your program too, why don’t you loan out $5k to each person with low interest?

  • @daviddefranco5218 says:

    All of them live off of you liking their videos…think.

  • @Thesimpletravelchannel says:

    What happened to this guy saying stocks are trash

  • @erick7702 says:

    Scammers alert 🚨

  • @Trinergy-Livewire says:

    Insider Trading rules the Markets ebb and Flow. In fact it’s a perk now to be in an “Insider” all the way up to DC.

  • @raheelakhtar7 says:

    Lol! This BS. 100%. Listen to someone with sense. Start with Warren Buffett

  • @danielhowaniec6334 says:

    I just watched a training video today where Grant was bashing stock traders.

  • @omahadeliveryguy7695 says:

    2-5 k to start?

  • @BSKA86 says:

    Scammer alert

  • @kejv777 says:

    one must listen to warren buffet, a certified stocker, not scammers who may or may not have money.

  • @01sevensix says:

    If you’re trading rather than investing….it doesn’t matter what you start with but I can promise what you’ll end with.

  • @bobpattison1739 says:

    Take it from someone that jumped in… you better have a long runway because it takes tons of time studying all the moving parts only to lose what you gain and gain what you lost. All the different moving averages etc. you almost have to be a market maker to have any sizeable effect on your long term wealth.That said it can be very exciting while at the same time stressful. In the end buy real estate… it’s tangible and you’ll almost always sell it for more than you paid.

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