Why My Diabetes Books aren’t so Great – What I have Learned Since Then!

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Dennis Pollock, of Beat Diabetes, discusses his book: "Sixty Ways to Lower Your Blood Sugar," and tells what he has learned since those days.

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Cameron Long

  • @rosefern1483 says:

    Thanks for all of your great work. You’re an inspiration to me.

  • @PTL77 says:

    I have followed you for sometime and the Dennis of today actually looks younger to me. The Lord is with you always.❤

  • @kittyblak393 says:

    Dennis, you truly are a blessing, thank you for your loyalty to better health 🙏 🌈

  • @Gapeachsami says:

    Dennis, You’ve grown so much and brought us along with you! You have had SUCH an amazing impact on myself and thousands of others. I thank you so much for your dedication and all of your hard work in this area! I can’t wait until your new book comes out! I will purchase several copies to give to family and friends. Stay BLESSED and

  • @hortensemason4073 says:

    If they are measuring their blood sugar they will see what foods effect them and how much.. I like your videos, they make people aware. No one will just say bananas are harmful. Your videos show that.

  • @elainehill5931 says:

    I really believe that the tides are shifting. I believe more and more people will come to realize the fallacy of “low fat” and how it created a whole new generation of type 2 diabetics. You were ahead of your time, Mr. Dennis. You are appreciated!❤

    • @SimplyHuman186 says:

      Yes this was done on purpose let’s not forget the knowledge was known since early 1900s Otto Warburg. Warburg effect

  • @ellen9579 says:

    🥀☺️🥀 Dennis Polluck’s book, 60 Ways To Lower Your Blood Pressure, Takeaways 🥀😉🥀 1. The Dennis of today states that he would give this book 4 stars…2. Dennis states that he has evolved in the past 10 or 12 years, simply by learning more from other youtubers
    and speaking to many diabetics…3. It is a personal decision how low you want to lower your A1C…4. Normal glucose is so important, less vitamins but normal glucose is the key to long-term diabetic success…4. To quote Rocky, “If I could change, and you can change, maybe we can all change!” 🥀😘🥀

    Thanks for helping me to evolve, Dennis! Learning from you has helped me to create a happier internal environment: spiritually, emotionally, physically and, of course, medically in terms of diabetes 🥀👍🥀

  • @crushdiabetes1426 says:

    Thank you for your inspiration! I consider you my mentor. I could not have beaten diabetes without your videos!

  • @JDC14 says:

    I just purchased your book and am enjoying reading it. It is a good book to get people started.

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