Blood Sugar Test: Fruit & The Diabetic. Does fruit raise blood sugar?

In this blood sugar test with on himself and his wife Benedicta, Dennis answers the question: Does fruit raise blood sugar for diabetics? And when should you test you test your blood sugar after eating: after one hour? After two hours? Dennis & Benedicta enjoy a mango, a large banana, and an apple, and then do a series of post-meal blood sugar tests to see how their bodies respond. As always this video is produced to help men and women beat and reverse diabetes, and overcome runaway blood sugar!

Cameron Long

  • Harry Herber says:

    I like your method of testing and explanation. Simple and on point.
    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Many people will benefit from your videos.
    Blessings to you both. 🛐

  • vqfive says:

    I’m not a diabetic and never have been. But I do the Ketogenic diet and I find all your test you perform to be very helpful information deciding what foods are sustainable for a low carb diet.

  • Neato Keto says:

    You’re doing a great service with these videos. It’s so hard for people to understand that fruit is often harming them, but the numbers don’t lie. I like how you encourage everyone to test themselves and see what works for them. The only problem is that we need an at home insulin test to get the full picture. Hopefully that will be on the market in the near future.

  • Critter Friendly says:

    Insoline resistance is the key factor. The faster your blood sugar raises the hungrier you get, the more you eat, and hunger remains even when your full.

    2hrs after is good to know for measuring how well your body is adapting to perhaps a specific diet.

    I dont enjoy Keto but I’m learning to love it due to not feeling hungry all-the-time. Yes, I miss fruit. But I dont miss my body reaction to it.

    My husband can eat fruit and not be hungry all day. But he doesn’t have insoline resistance. He also doesn’t crave fruit or any particular food. I can’t relate my physical dietary needs to his dietary responses.

    Thankyou for providing these tests. I hope you get back to low carb soon and spare yourself any further health issues.

    • lynette atchison says:

      Very interesting video! I’m learning a lit from all of these videos, which I really needed! I believe God sent these to me because my blood sugar has been consistently so very high. I’m working on turning this all around, with my work and Gods help. 🙏

  • Judy White says:

    I was given my diagnosis over the phone by my Dr’s Assistant. She briefly told me what to avoid, but she said nothing bad about fruit. I have lost 11 pounds in the past 2 months, eating lots of baked chicken and salads.Your test was very helpful to me.I will see my Dr.again in a month, and will get his advice on fruit. Again, thank you.Very interesting.

    • Sister Rose says:

      I am a Vegan, so I don’t eat Meat, but I do have a Salad every day.

    • Anna says:

      Most drs are misinformed on diets anyways. When I was diagnosed prediabetic they told me to basically just eat whole grain carbs and cut out sugar. Went to borderline diabetic before I realized I had to cut out carbs in total. I’m on a borderline carnivore diet since most vegetables make me sick

    • Rhonda E says:

      Judy White,
      She’s not going to tell you. Her paycheck depends on her keeping you sick. Go figure!

  • annie jones says:

    Thank you Dennis for all the testing you have done and still doing😁. It convinced me to give up IMPERIAL👿. I made many attempts in times past but reverted back to the poison💀. I knew what was happening but I couldn’t quit and I didn’t want to go on medication. Even with normal blood sugar people should be careful about indulging. Thanks again for your convincing videos. God bless

  • Karen B. says:

    ❤️your videos! It helps to see what your wife’s normal blood sugar is compared to yours. I would love to hear your thoughts on reactive hypoglycemia. I have been living with it for 21 years, what seems to work for me is a high protein, moderate fats and low carb nutrition p,lan. I feel horrible if I try to increase carbs and I only eat one serving of a starchy carb with protein and a fat pre OR post weight training. I had the glucose test many years ago – fasting blood sugar was 99, after one hour 56 & secede hour 32. Not a fun. Time having low blood sugar and passing out.

    • Beat Diabetes! says:

      I dealt with that same issue in the early days. Once I went low carb everything straightened out.

  • Daisy Mae French says:

    Thank you so much for posting these videos. Very informative and your way of explaining everything is so down to earth. My mother lost he eyesight and had a leg amputated from diabetes, so I’m very scared about this disease. Again, thank you for all the time and effort you put into these videos.

    • Sandra Westley says:

      Diabetes is very serious, my Dad had a serious stroke, and live 4 years unable to speak, and double incontinence, so not able to move, and got awful bed sores that went septic and wouldn’t heal, then gangrene in his feet, it was awful to watch, I have just been told I’m pre diabetic so I am doing all I can to reduce carbs, and get to normal. Even a few strawberries takes me to 7.1. So I avoid the

  • Don M says:

    Hey Dennis, would food allergies influence blood sugar spikes? I just started testing. I’m not a diabetic but, I have a condition highly linked to insulin resistance and diabetes and I struggle with weight gain. I was wondering if there would be a reason why I would have a low peak/spike for fruit, specifically watermelon but, a higher peak for a meal with cheese, butter, egg with 5 crackers. I’ve noticed I peak at an hour and found that at 1 hr I was at only 105 for watermelon but the egg dairy cracker meal for breakfast, I peaked at 141 at 1 hr.

  • Tapan Kumar Pant says:

    Dr Dennis your approach to gather a fair amount of data by these tests on yourself and your wife gives a good insight on the response of a diabetic and a nondiabetic to carbohydrates. I am an Indian, and my staple food is a wheatbread(roti),consuming 2 rotis with one bowl of very low oil curry at one meal keeps my PP around 130mg/DL, but if I increase the number by one it crosses to 145-150.
    I have now tested myself with breads made of buckwheat and fingermillet instead of wheat and the PP results at 1.45hrs are much better, the PP stands around 120mg/liter with 2 breads and with 3 Millet breads it’s around 130-135. Pl experience this and enlighten us. Here I would like to mention that each day after getting up in the morning I do take a spoon ful of soaked Fenugreek seeds empty stomach.

  • groundhogpeggy says:

    That was both entertaining and informative, as always. Thanks for doing these blood sugar tests…great info for diabetics and non-diabetics as well. And you guys are funny too!

  • Jay John Coutts says:

    I was a fruitarian for 2 and 1/2 years. I ate nothing but all kinds of fruit and two avocados a day for fat. (Avocados are also considered to be fruit.) I lost 65 pounds eating all the fruit I could stuff in my mouth. Fruit contains generous amounts of fructose. I felt great with all the vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals I was receiving. I consumed no commercial sugar or salt I laugh until the tears roll down every time I hear people caution against fruit. Eating fruit is the only successful weight loss situation I have ever experienced.

  • Puspa Puspa says:

    Have to say: I love the taste of papayas and bananas. Have never had a “weight issue” – been always lean. But, just realized, after following dozens of these videos, on insulin resistance and high carb/high sugar intake – I’ve not eaten more than 1 fruit at a time! It just seemed like the natural thing to do! For example: That large banana, it would be half after brunch/lunch, other half kept cold in the refrigerator, for 4 or 5 hours later, for evening. The same for most everything else. Even if all that fruit was made into a big fruit salad – I’d divide it into roughly 3 parts, eaten with the next meal:) But, I can see how the sugar index readings do show up problems for people who are ignorant of their condition, before and after. I feel that every GP must acknowledge how diet related health issues could be helped/prevented, by a strong referral to a dietician at the initial stages.

    • Deray Walker says:

      No one ever developed cardiovascular diseases from eating too many whole fruits… It’s all the other crap in their diet that begins the process. You cannot overeat whole foods, however you can overeat refined/processed and laboratory created food products, which most people do.

  • Kristin Rodriguez REALTOR, DMV says:

    I adore you guys! I just found your channel and I love it! I don’t have diabetes, however many of my family members do and I have been helping my dad navigate this disease

  • Rooster says:

    Dennis, taking your comments throughout this video and piecing some of the puzzle parts together brings me suggest yet another pre-post experiment. Take a sugary frit that you like, such as a HoneyCrisp Apple. Ingest only a very small portion, say a quarter section, after your pre-test. Then wait 15 minutes, and enjoy a meal you know to only moderately raise you glucose levels. Then your typical 1 hour post test. The hypothesis I propose is that the small sweet fruit ingestion will stimulate or “jump-start” your insulin producton so that your body will better handle the main course. If the hypothesis is vlid, the experiment should yield hopefully, a lower than expected post test result. Maybe even a low carb snack like a few pecans would work as the pre-stimulus. Hmmmm.

  • Freedom66 says:

    Literally the best channel on sugar level testing there is, bar none!

  • tom puckett says:

    Hi you two, when I first became diabetic, I was disappointed with my new menus. Asked my doctor about fruit. He said eat all the fruit I desired! I ear fruit all day long for almost 3 weeks. One afternoon at work I was feeling dizzy and light headed. My friend took me to the urgent care and found my blood sugar was 552!!! They had me drink sooooooo much water and shot me with something (insulin?) and after 2-3 hours my sugar came down to around 140. After that I’ve only eaten 2 servings of fruit each day. So much for a family doctor’s advice on a diabetic diet. Thanks for a very interesting video!!!!! God bless!

    • 🤠Hillbilly YEEHA🤠 says:

      Alot of Dr’s are not taught the truth. It’s not healthy to eat mounds of fruit. I’m glad your OK now.

    • Honey Bee says:

      Yeah your doctor gave the worst advice. Fruit all of the time isn’t good for anyone. Now don’t get deceived. Fruit is still healthy for us. But only in the right amounts at the right time. In fact my specialist told to still enjoy fruit. But to watch for the serving and crabs and I will be fine. And that has proven true. In fact some fruits like berries, small oranges and watermelon all help to keep my sugar level again in the right servings.

  • Jesus Loves you says:

    I also wanna add you’re right about timing… I used to follow the 2 hour rule thinking I was perfect. Then I started researching more and doing every 30 min even up to 3 hours.
    I now see I do go higher at times than I knew. Once I peaked at 2 1/2 hours.
    My average peak time is around one hour but some foods trigger it at 30-40 and other times 2 hours 🤷🏻‍♀️
    My highest was 155 on my bday after eating pasta and pizza then two cupcakes lol. It was worth it! Lol

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