United Nation’s Psychotic New Plan Exposed

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Cameron Long

  • Eternal Forms says:

    More top tier content. Thanks George. Don’t let the enemy stop you.

  • J R says:

    It’s absolutely all planned. It’s ridiculous to think that they are stupid or don’t know what they are doing

    • Mister Durden says:

      I thought it was stupidity……only some are stupid, the big players are evil.

    • 168 Tsai says:

      Both scenarios are crazy bad.

    • Ok, Groomer says:

      I dunno, some aren’t all that intelligent if you ask me. I’m no educated man but have far more sense than some of these clowns.

    • Zapp Brannigan says:

      It’s not controlled in the sense they have absolute control, they’re just trying to control the inevitable outcome. Like redirecting an avalanche, they can’t stop what’s happening but maybe they can choose a left or right pathway and pick which town at the bottom of the mountain gets obliterated.

      Or like a raft flowing down a river, they can’t stop it just veer it’s direction.

  • Nicole LaVoie says:

    Pointing out the commonality of the last names of the elites and their related heritage is the best way to help people see the truth of what’s going on and who is to blame.

  • Thomas Manning says:

    George you do an invaluable service to those if us who are trying to make sense of the cloudy mess of economic information! Bless you!

  • rodrigo paes says:

    I lived in Brazil on the time of the 80’s hyperinflation(50% per month) and the govern tried to do exactly that and created a table of fixed prices for supermarket goods: Soon the supermarket had no more products to sell…the shelves were all empty 🙂

    • Rodrigo Oliveira says:


    • fakedemocracy says:

      It’s important to explain why this happens.

      Eventually farmers will sell at a loss. Because there prices for fertilizer, fuel, labor etc. cost more than the product they are providing.

    • Fractional Debt is Fraud says:

      At the same time you possibly had a lot of money to spend…..that no one wanted in exchange for food staples? Which would confuse people, (at first anyway.) They think they have a lot of money, for once in their life they think they are “rich.”

    • PerlitaVenegas50+ says:

      So what did you do to obtain food?

  • Nickie Glazer says:

    I am lucky to have the two best financial advisors; you George (from US dollar perspective) and Neil McCoy Ward (Uk pound perspective)
    You have both been on the ball and thinking outside the box for 2 years now and mirroring each others warnings.
    Thank you 🙏🏻

    • Cass says:

      I’d add Lynette Zang to that short list.

    • Laura Rae says:

      I watch both as well since I’m ex pat American living in the U.K. 24 yrs now. The takeaway I’m getting from my understanding watching both these mens’ videos in the last couple days is that I should start taking money out of my bank account and keep it safe at home. Is that your understanding as well?

    • Philip Jones says:

      Laura Rai. In UK £80k is protected in any bank account.

    • Jonathan says:

      Me too, LOL, I think many of us are listening to “NEW” voices, esp. when they mirror what we intrinsically know already…its all fooked up.

    • Caroline Owen says:

      UK money isn’t protected if there is a ‘Bail in’ just so you know …. best to purchase tangible assets that you can actually use long yerm, or things that you make things less expensive, that you’ll end up buying anyway ….

  • The English Cad says:

    I love George’s mix of jovial chuckling, clear information and doom.

    It is compelling viewing. Keep it up. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Sharon Narbona says:

    Thank you for this very educational video!
    Wish we had people like you instead of our lack of knowledge and experience leaders.

  • Rob Churi says:

    Great video! I’m an economist and find all of this fascinating. Notice how all of Rebecca’s solutions are about control not letting the economy find a better balance.

    • Jen X says:

      Free markets have long been gone. It is just now it is fully visible.

    • Peter Jones says:

      It seems to be a rule in all areas of life, especially in economics and biology,. Always interfere, never allow things to sort themselves out. Arrogance is our specialty.

  • Captain Generica says:

    I wonder if they realize how much we are ALL gonna cheer when these people are indicted, convicted and punished for all the humanitarian crisis they have created.

  • dmfuerte says:

    If only there was a way to engineer a pandemic to manufacture consent to a supply side intervention 🤔

  • emcee says:

    Thank God for people like George who document what is happening. People will always say “no one could have seen that coming.” Well we have proof George did.

  • Ban Ja says:

    Greenspan almost got me at “supply part”, if only she were talking about money supply. I would give them a copy of “Forty centuries of wage & price controls, how not to fight inflation” but they don’t care. Mayhem is their goal. “we are too many and must disappear”

  • Rowan Ballinger says:

    What annoys me is so many people are aware of what the elites are doing but no one tries to stop them. We need an elite team of snipers and any time one of these elite leaders steps out in the open they get taken out. Then the rest of us might actually be able to prosper

    • Michael says:

      You think Chris Kyle’s death was really some crazy dude who killed him for no reason? Most of Seal Team 6 dying in a helicopter was some lucky haji with an rpg? You can bet anyone capable of what you say is on a red list. Might be some people who can that’s off their radar, but they still need a whole lot of support to make it happen. Taking the shot is the easy part, everything else involved prior to squeezing that trigger takes a whole team to make happen.

    • David Waterman says:

      Don’t need a sniper, a mob with torches and pitchforks will accomplish the same

    • Long Forgotten Wizard says:

      Careful man this came out a little antisemitic

    • Yannick Ille says:

      How much do you pay?

  • Gary McAleer says:

    Thanks, George. Not only for analysis showing the moral ineptitude of those who see the world as their punching bag, but also that you don’t use the typical hypnotic rubbish of background music that always dumbs down the intellect and robs the needed critical thinking to carefully weigh the words. All the best, sir.

  • Eren Pakyuz says:

    They are definitely not that Stupid. It is most certainly part of the Grand plan.
    Thank You George for taking the time to provide this education to us all.
    God Bless You.

    • kftc1980 says:

      Stupid and having a plan with evil intentions are not mutually exclusive. Their master plan could blow up in their face, with them being dead wrong about the outcomes they anticipate. See history for countless examples.

  • Adam Czarnecki says:

    Thank You George! Guys! it’s all coordinated. Government is taking exactly the same steps in my country – Poland. Please spread that knowledge and awareness.

  • Jim Toth says:

    As long as we continue to concentrate economic policy (and power) in the hands of a small number of global elites who supposedly know what’s best for all of us, we will always be on a wild roller coaster ride of boom/bust cycles in which the standard of living for the poor and middle class fails to keep up with the rising cost of living. These wealthy elites aren’t necessarily any wiser than most of us, and they tend to be wrong much more often than right. The solution, if it exists, begins by returning power to the people, and reducing the size and scope of government at every level.

  • Nicholas Dobson says:

    Honestly mate, you should be in-charge of the world. Why don’t they have people like you that know exactly what they are doing. Thanks for taking the time to do this for us learners 🎉🎉

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