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So you want to get more done? Here are the time management tips that have actually helped me (and my friend Chris Ducker!) get work done!


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Cameron Long

  • Ashley Lorelle says:

    Amy, thank you for always starting my Sunday off right! I think its important to remember that productivity and time management are not “one size fits all.” It’s important to know yourself, before designing your schedule.

    • Amy Landino says:

      Exactly! Love that you said that Ashley.

    • Kristen Evans says:

      Ashley Lorelle yes! 🙌🏻 So true! Just talked about time management in my video this week and I really believe you have to be honest with yourself and time block based on the windows of time you actually can focus on work not just set up times knowing you will have a ton of distractions

  • Carolanne says:

    Saying yes means saying no to something else. I think that just completely changed my perspective on time-management. I’m looking forward to incorporating this in my planning. Thank you!!

    • Amy Landino says:

      Right?!?! I’m SO glad he pointed that out. I KNEW it would be super helpful for you guys to hear from someone who is massively successful.

  • Hadeel Al Musallam says:

    CALENDAR is the RULE.

  • Katy Adelson says:

    My big struggle is predicting how long things take to complete. I always end up being way too ambitious about how much I can get done in an hour. I guess I’ll get better at estimating how long stuff takes with experience. ^_^

    • Megan Tipton says:

      Just like with dieting, try just tracking your activities as they happen now. After a week or two, you can see how long things take and where you can improve.

    • Betz Y says:

      Katy Adelson , I usually schedule in small chunks of flex or catch up time since I struggle with the same. I was amazed at how quickly I can accomplish household tasks, when I actually time them.

    • nobody says:

      Me too. Everyone “WOW”ed when I list my plan on the dissertation proposal. Turns out other people’s advices are helpful!

    • Sunshine and Rain says:

      Katy Adelson Same here, but I’ve also realized, for me, I’m not always working “smart” in that time block. I’m the type of person who will always take 2 hours for an hour long task because I get caught up on doing it really well, or I get distracted, or too excited about a task and then spend extra time on it. I have a habit of working on the task until I feel satisfied with the result, which is not productive for everyday things. I really had to learn that “good enough” is ok and how to pace myself to stay in the time block I made. Everything I finish is not the best thing I’ve ever done, but that’s not possible in grad school, so I’ve learned to do things “well enough” and in the time I scheduled. I also feel much better with an “ok” product finished in my allotted amount of time because that means I can spend quality time on the really important projects.

    • Galvanizing Techniques says:

      Man say that sh@!t, so true sometimes and a lot of times, some things take longer than you expect it to that can be very irritating especially when you didn’t get to the things you wanted to do the most!! but you have to keep going and tackle it tomorrow .

  • Amber Eller says:

    I love when these productivity videos come up in my feed at the beginning of the week. It’s motivational and makes me feel like I can get things done this week.

  • Equally Regal says:

    “I’m acutely aware that when I say yes to something, I’m at the very same time INSTANTLY saying no to something else.” BREAKTHROUGH MOMENT!!!Thank you, Chris & Amy!

  • Carol PenGra says:

    Since I have been watching all Amy’s videos I have been more productive, more focused, more positive, I closed a big account last week, that I wouldn’t have closed if I hadn’t change my mindset. Thank you Amy. I’m still having trouble waking up early 7 days straight but at least I do it 5 out of 7 😉

  • Rick Mitchell says:

    I, professionally, have been an event planner that, quite successfully, can plan every single minute.
    However, I’ve quite strongly resisted doing this for my personal life. But, after watching your video here, it just makes sense.
    I’m going to try it.
    I’m GOOD at planning a schedule. I’m good at keeping things and people to a schedule.
    This SHOULD be easy.
    Should. 😎

  • tamshin says:

    I am a mom. I use your calendar blocking technique. I am getting really good at being within 20 minutes, EVEN with kid stuff. Amy is awesome ♡

  • Mehrin Ali says:

    1. Track your time. See where all of your time is going.
    2.Put your to do list on your schedule. Block every single thing. Every minute.
    3. Scheduel EVERYTHING. “When we say yes to something means that we say no to something else.”

  • Rachel S. Lee says:

    I get a lot of things done by planning ahead of time. Organizing my tasks from the most priority down to the least makes my work easier. Being an affiliate marketer, I need to keep things organized for me and my team so we can do a lot of things every day. Having a calendar of a to-do list is definitely very helpful. Thanks for sharing this, Amy! 🙂

  • Christina Estrada says:

    I’m a mom of three, and over the last few months I’ve learned how much more I can get done when I block out my calendar. This was the only way I made sure I scheduled some me time initially. Then I started applying it to other aspects of my life and have found myself getting so much more done rather than getting sucked down a social media hole.

    Having kids can make it a little difficult to plan for things. You never know when they may get sent home from school due to illness, behavior problems, etc. so I generally try to schedule my most important activities and/or appts for first thing in the morning so the likelihood of them getting done is greater. I try to be done with all of my work and to-do list items by the time they get out of school so that I can then focus my attention on them. My kids are currently going through some things right now so my goal is to always prioritize them and tend to their needs first. I’m only about a month in but so far it’s been going well!

    • Aluko Demilade says:

      Hii good evening from here! Please I would like to ask a question. Please when you mean you block out your calendar..does that mean you lost your activities of the day and list out the time it is going to take or it should take OR you plan each activity of the whole day into time frames from when you wake up till when you’re done with work or when you sleep🥴 or something?. Thanks❤️

  • Cindy says:

    I halfway got into that mindset. I know it’s important to block my time and I block everything. I wake up at 4am every morning to get more time in my day. I think I tend to procrastinate/ get distracted easily. Once I get over that last hurdle I think I’ll be a productive machine. ❤

  • pia123 says:

    Watched your 5 am video 2 days ago and have now woken up 5 am in a row. Also done calendar blocking for day- esp. between 5 am- 7am. So helpful! Can get things done. And even if I cannot, I know beforehand. Great success tips. Love it!

  • Diane R says:

    It’s not just about timing everything. It’s also about choosing the correct things to get you where you want to go.

  • yaqeen 55555 says:

    Anyone spending more time watching these type of videos instead of applying them 🙋‍♀️

  • Rick Lane says:

    This is fantastic advise. I am a young branch manager for a worldwide company, I have a wife and two kids with a puppy at home, and I am serving as a National Guard soldier. I have been struggling with time management since I have stepped into my new role and I truly believe your advice will be the key to my success. I have used calendars before but not quite to this level. Starting tonight, I will block off every little thing I do. I feel motivated and excited to start doing this. I feel like this change well ultimately bring stress relief as well. Thank you! Definitely subscribed.

  • 5K Studios says:

    Love blocking out my time! My biggest problem is remembering to schedule proper notifications and then double checking the calendar weekly. Once I get the habit, I think I’ll be smooth sailing from here. Thanks for the tips!

  • Scott Snow says:

    Loved the video Amy. One break-through I’ve made lately is realizing it doesn’t take much time to make meaningful progress in something. For example, I’m really into backgammon now and I started a backgammon course wherein I study a game 5 minutes per day but I do it everyday! Thanks for reminding me – keep up the great work.

  • Linda Murphy says:

    As an educator who is currently taking on a shift in time management with virtual teaching, this is very helpful. It is definitely taking more time to plan, create online learning modules, create assignments, grading, teaching, etc…I think the working at home aspect really makes one lose boundaries of time to work versus time to close the laptop and relax. The temptation to work beyond reasonable times is always there, but this also has to do with the increased amount of work that needs to be done. I’m really going to try stopping at a certain point each day as I’m finding my work melding into the evening beyond my usual schedule. A colleague of mine also recommended setting off a timer at 5:00pm when working at home. This is another way to add that element of blocking time and having something to look forward to. Thank you for sharing your advice!

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